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Sorry about the hold up Answered

hey everyone, well if u don't already know im extreme builder "eric" im sorry i haven't built any new guns lately but don't worry im not leaving anytime soon. Just because im in school and finals are coming up so i don't have time to build right now but in the summer i will start again. Ok im 90% done with my FULLY automatic knex gun 2. This one is like the other one but it shoots rods instead (yellows). It has a crank like the other one but the thing that is different is the power. I think it will be atleast 500%+ stronger than the old one. It is one of the most complicating firing mech. out there no it is the most complex. The only problem is is that because it is so complex i can't find a way to get the crank lined up with the firing mech. its hard to explain but yea. It puts the firing pin back almost as far as a hole gray rod thats how their is so much more power. i will keep u updated. Than after that i think im going to make a really good folding gun alot small and powerful than TeacherOfTheWays gun. Now if u guys have any questions and/or comments on this or any of my guns just leave a comment and ill get back to u. thanks and enjoy ps. thanks for all of those people that commented and rated my guns i really appreciate it -extreme builder



Lol I laugh when I find topics like this that are months old...and yet nothing has come. This is when I start to disrespect knexers. They build hype and then let us down. For all we know it might not exist and you're trying to bluff brag. Bummer I was hoping to see it.

I know I know I tried that argument but apparently a crank does qualify as fully auto...still pretty stupid because you still have to do constant manual work rather than just holding down a trigger but yeah it counts.

the gun fell through im sorry to let you guys down, im growing older and im spending less time with knex so im not really creating any new guns. but i did come up with a new mech that uses a motor not crack this time but the big difference is is that one rotation doesnt equal one shoot. the ram gets pulled back then locked into place so that the next rotation pulls it back farther and locks it into place. this increases the pullback distance greatly equaling much greater power but also greatly decreases firing rate. the hardest part is getting the firing pin unattached from the pull back mech. once i figure this out the gun should be up and running. no promises though im just letting you guys know. its very slow work because im off and on with building it. ill keep you updated

Wow...thanks for contributing (hardly) to this useless conversation 6 months later.

its physically impossible to make a non-crank, single ram full auto b/c conservation on energy, a crank is needed. if you used cartridges with a rubberband for each round, it might work. unfortunately, the amount of energy needed to advance the next round must be taken from the previous round and would significantly reduce power... you should try and make a gun that really is full auto

sweet i have an idea for a knex full-auto gun that will shoot green rods or bbs first i need black clips hehe p.s. it mostly uses your firing mech

Happylate Birthday to you!
Happylate Birthday to you!
Happylate Birthday dear Knexfan9182...
Happylate Birthday to you!
And many moooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


10 years ago

school stinks, expecialy when you gota take regences (how ever thaat spelled), ugh this got me in a "building block" right now... oh great I got like 14 days! I gota study!