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Sorry for the slow and annoyingly bad behavior of Instructables Answered

We’ve been going a lot of work under the hood, and some of it just hasn’t come out quite right. So, I’d like to apologize to everyone for the site’s unresponsiveness and give an extra, sugar-on-top apology to anyone who lost a step or a comment. Not that it’s any consolation, but I lost both steps of an Instructable and a few comments over the weekend. When stuff doesn’t take, I usually just hit the back button on my browser and can copy out my text. For some reason that didn’t work, so if it happened to you too: I know how you feel. We’re working super hard to correct the problem, making progress, and I’ll let you know when it’s under control. There are always new features in the works, and I’ve been taking your comments in the forums to heart. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please always feel free to drop me a private message or email. Thanks for sharing your projects. I continue to be amazed by them. Eric


I guess you also need to take a look at why all the apostrophe characters in your topic text look like tiny square robot faces - unless that's a new feature - or my computer display is wonky.

 Dandy!  I've been needing my daily hit of David Tennant hair!

 Hehe, I'm currently growing out the back, I need a certain hair style from the 80's for a play...

naw, it's a murder mystery.

KENT, YOU BROKE THE PRO CHAIN. And welcome back RS/Novahawk/KentsOkay

>looks in checking account
>gets paid on Friday so maybe later

 Strange, I don't see any apostrophes at all in that text!

You need the secret spy encoder ring to decipher the message.  You have to eat a lot of cereal to find the right one at the bottom of the box.

He pasted from Word, and those are the annoying Unicode single-quotes, rather than proper ASCII apostrophes.

 the site itself is really slow for me :( I dont know why. I have a brand spanking new 2009 IMac :( 

Hint,  you don't have a modem that goes burrrrr, doinnng doinnnng charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
do you ? 

 Just kidding  :-) 

 haha! :) thank goodness no LOL. but i can hear yours from here!
chrrrrrrrr- chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh donnnnniinngggg chrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have never heard my DSL modem do that...maybe I need to listen more carefully ;-) 

 i was just joking LOLOLOL i just made up a noise!

Have you ever had a Dial up modem?   I had for years, and the accoustic coupler before that was even more noisey and problematic....

 The dial up modem was music to my ears.  Every time I tried to connect to the internet the melody of the modem made my soul dance.  But then again, I was around the age of eight or nine, so I pretty much danced to anything.

 lol i have no idea wat u are talking about! lol!!! :-)

In 1964 the acoustic  coupler was a 300 baud device that connected your phone (by way of the coupler illustrated  below) to your computer.  This is still in the day of the BBS only, so the only files accessed and downloaded were text files.  Some taking quite a few hours (as one prayed no one else picked up a phone extension on either end, and that there were no line glitches).
Pictured below is one very much like I had, in the late 1970's...(http://www.cs.unc.edu/Outreach/vr/computer_museum/acousticcoupler1.html)

Hearing aid perhaps...Uh, not that you would need one of course, Heh. =P

I'm sorry, what did you say?   I didn't catch it the first time around ;-) 

I dunno, something about needing a hare or something...

Well, in my case it is hair today, but gone tomorrow  ;-) 

Maybe he decided to search for "slow site" and joined an existing thread, rather than starting another thread on the same topic.

Something we keep wishing the How do I write a guide? brigade would do.

True, but it's not the same topic. It's a different occurrence of slowness.

Kinda like adding to a comment thread about the first time the US was in Iraq when you want to talk about the current occupation.

All the same, we haven't seen any slowness on our side.

Oh, yeah.  You're on the internal LAN getting a whole T3 shoved into your WiFi, and you say, "we haven't seen any slowness."  :-D  What about the rest of us poor slobs, who have to stand on the corner begging for bits to be tossed into our discarded Starbucks cup...

Said the man who works where the World Wide Web was INVENTED.

Hee, hee.  I'm working at home, at the far end of a DSL line that's been going up and down every fifteen minutes or so the whole day :-(

 They used to air it on IFC (they still might, I don't know).  It's a great program.

Wow, you make internet connections sound so dirty :D

I was working from home today so I too am scrambling for thee proverbial bits.