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Sound card configuration problems Answered

Want to configure my 7.1 sound card, which is embedded in the motherboard. Run windows 7.

I used to just split the 'green' channel between my small 2.1 computer speaker system and home built full range 'rear' tower speakers with passive crossover, powered by an old 2X 100W RMS Sony amp, with very satisfactory results (movies, mostly reggae music).

But finally I got a nice 10" subwoofer!  Time to make a proper setup! So I tried to plug the tower speakers in the black channel, and for now, the headphones, in the orange channel (while wiring the sub into a 4 X 40W  mono setup- Parallel , I assume????).

To the control panel, sound, manage audio devices, speakers, configure (5,1 for now). Works like a charm: all tests OK, can hear all test sounds.  Restart...

But W Media player, as well as other players (want to customize with Foobar_X_over eventually) don't provide any sound, except for the green channel. What am I doing wrong?


It may be set internally for a stereo connection right now and might require a config app to reconfigure for quad/etc speaker setups.

For instance, I have a CL XFI that disables unused channels, either to conserve power or to improve noise performance, idk.. One has to configure using the Creative configuration utility....Perhaps there's a motherboard utility you need to install, or if it's present, fire up...?

Downloaded the realtek hd audio codec. Now I can configure sound with a realtek option in the control panel, looks all great, tests good. But still only the green channel plays music....... MB is an Assrock (sorry could not help myself) Alive NF6 VSTA. The color codes seem to be universal, both windows 7 and the realtek config utility agree with Wikipedia. If nothing works, I could install an external 7.1 card, still sitting in my fried old computer, to see if this would work (but I rather listen to music).

Hmm... Ok, so you've enabled the multichannel configuration using the assrock config utility?

Have you checked the standard windows volume control as well? Perhaps the secondary sources are disabled at that point in the chain. I have two points at which things can be messed up, and three when I'm working within Cakewalk (old school)

1) the windows sound control. ie, the standard "volume" control panel that pops up when you double click the speaker icon that sits in the tray

2) the Creative Labs audio console

3) (sometimes) the Cakewalk audio path

You said it looks good, tests good...but it only plays on the stereo channel.

"Tests good" would indicate to me that it also plays on the secondary channels, so I'm just a tad confused....

Finally, is it possible that the mobo-based system simply doesn't support full 7.1? Just because the connectors exist doesn't mean that the mobo's audio paths are full actualized. I've seen that before in onboard audio, although my experience in that falls to older designs, when onboard audio wasn't quite as mature as it is these days. I doubt it's the case, but I'd be sure before running around in circle trying to make something work that the mobo mfg dfin't acutally make workable !

(still no succes). What is Cakewalk?

Cakewalk is a midi/audio composition utility that I own a license for. The company changed the name a few years back, but I haven't upgraded and can'r recall what the name is, which *might be a more recognizable product...

Anyway, each of the named items can independently mess with audio setup info, So when things go awry, I usually check to see if one or the other is causing problems.(Actually, even Winamp and Skype can screw things up...almost anything that has its own audio controls can make things get "funny")

That line after #3. you didn't say what you meant by looks good tests good. You've hooked up regular speaker to the mid and bass channel and found it's not outputting?

Need to better look at your answer later, and check all the steps... But during the tests EVERYTHING works as it should: to the proper speakers, or when connected, to the headphones. So the hardware should be fine, and it should be enabled... But not during actual use! In a week I get my Velleman 200W amp kit, and hope to have have the sound issue fixed in order to add the sub woofer...

What is your mother board # and mfg. I need to see the manual to see what the color code is. It's not standard 7.1 color codes.