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Sound recorder/playback IC? Answered

I need a sound playback/recorder IC for a certain musical instrument that I am building. 25 buttons will be attached to an ATmega644 microcontroller, and the microcontroller will tell the sound IC to play a different sound for each button.

The problem is that I haven't found a chip that will store so many sounds seperately, so do you know of any???

I've seen the Arduino Wave shield, but I am looking for something with not so many parts.

EDIT: I have decided to use the wave shield design, so I don't need any more feedback, unless you have a really brilliant idea


. Are you wanting to record what you play or sample/store/playback sounds?

I want to store and playback sounds that are loaded onto the IC

Are you loading them in with a mic, or with a digital line ?

I was going to load them with a digital line, but I found a better way using a pc instead.

I have used the tas5518 chip already, but it too, can be a bit complicated depending on your use.

This might work, too bad it's only SMD.

Oh, they went to SMD ? Grrrr, maybe it was the earlier version of that chip I used (RS carrried something similar, eons ago, about 30 years *sigh*)

There's no more DIP in the datasheet, so I assume that it's SMD. I hate when chips go only-SMD, especially if they used to have a Dip version. Oh well...

Too bad it's non-stock on Digikey. That's where I am ordering the other parts.

Yeah, I had troubles locating a decent vendor too. Originally, I got something like that from Radio Shack, but that was over 15 years ago, and I know the local stores don't carry it anymore.

RadioShack used to have way better products, now it's $10 for a dim white LED with bent leads, and $30 for a little Parallax motion sensor.

and one of their audio "kits" isn't worth a fart in a wind storm....I had to hack hte one I had bought from them just to make it work in a decent manner (one of my ibles)

Oh my God! That is the worlds longest paragraph. I'll look at it.

I think my brain blew up when I opened that link but it's just a datasheet minus all of the white space, lol

yeah, GlobalSource is not always easy to read :-)


9 years ago

one potential option could be to use a cheap couple of gig mp3 player with a sound recorder function, take it apart and wire the buttons to pins on the ATmega, then use the ATmega to skip tracks to the correct sound. I guess it might not work so well if the time to skip between each track is long. but it would probably give pretty good sound quality and the option to easily change the produced sounds. just a thought anyways...

I never thought of that, I'll look for a cheap MP3 player. I need one for under $20 or else I might as well use the wave shield design.