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Sound record/playback IC? Answered

I know I already asked a similar question, and I have been looking at the ISD chips (mostly the 1110 and 2100), but they don't seem to be available to buy anywhere in the UK. I am looking for a sound record/playback chip that stores medium-quality audio, only about 1-2 seconds (I believe the ISD 1110 holds up to 10 seconds, but can be cut off early). An internal ~1w amplifier would also be handy, but not necessary. The chip needs to be fairly simple to implement, have non-volatile storage, and be available in both DIP and either SOIC or QFP packages, as well as being readily available in the UK. A microcontroller that does so would also be good, I have looked at PICs and PICAXE chips, but it looks like they only do polyphonic tones or very low quality short audio with a lot of effort. I believe the ATTiny 2313 does audio playback as I have seen a lot of kits that utilize this chip.


PM me, and I'll give you a number to call and bug me at work tomorrow. The 17 series extends to a 1790 part - 90 seconds.

That said, spares are ALWAYS handy.

Yes, you can record MULTIPLE recordings up to 40 seconds - I've made all sorts of stuff with them over the years, talking Christmas trees, gnomes, Halloween effects....


Tunes they can play via the tune command - notes aere held in memory latest chips are I believe polyfonic.

Rapid has these and other possibilities  no idea how they work.

I know about the polyphonic tones, but I need to play a sound clip. I have a sound recorder like the one from the first link, but it uses a COB, so it is unidentifiable. It also needs to be fit for industrial application, so whilst the sound recorder module is fine for a prototype, I eventually need to replace it with an actual chip.

You may need to order abroad and stand the cost.

That's the problem. As it needs to be for industrial application, they need to be stocked by somewhere like RS components or rapid, I can't afford about £3/chip (only for the prototype). It's useless buying a chip abroad if I can't get any in the UK.

Perhaps time to investigate reading audio from a SD card - It is done but at a cost.

How many do you want ? Sequoia stock them I think, and I have a few lying around.


For the prototype, I will just need 1 or 2 individual DIP chips, but I think the first production run would require about 1000 SMD chips. I wouldn't order them myself, but they need to be readily available for the PCB manufacturer in the UK.

I checked Sequoia, they only have the 2100 in a QFN package, which is out of stock anyway, and all the others are the wrong model.

Try changing to the 1740 instead


Thanks, the 1740 looks good. I'm guessing if my recording is shorter than 40 seconds, it will automatically cut off at the end of the recording instead of waiting the full 40 seconds, right? Also, is there anywhere you can buy them individually? It's not really a problem if not, but it would be harder to justify to my client buying 5 when I only need one. I suppose I could always do with some spares in case I accidentally blow up the first one.

I bought them online, I am pretty sure it was Sequoia, but it was 12 months ago. I have a few DIP 2100s somewhere.


picaxe has a module that plays mp4 files either from memory or sd card - search their forum this has been covered

\Some greetings cards allow you to record a message.

I did notice this, but it needs to be fit for industrial application. I am in the process of creating prototypes for a client, but it will need to have an SMD package with internal storage as well as a DIP for prototyping. I bought a 10 second sound recorder module for the initial prototype which worked fine, but unfortunately it used a COB, so there was no way of identifying the chip. As far as I am aware, picaxe chips can't hold or play songs from internal memory.