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Soundproof Theater Answered

After playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl at a party in a sound proof room on a projection screen, I've been trying to convince my parents to do the same to one of our unused rooms. Build a "teenage hangout". It will be very hard to convince them to do this, the lower the cost, the better. Is there any cheap tricks do doing this (and still look nice)? Memory foam on the walls? Obviously the screen itself will take the most convincing, but if that fails I'll use our 60in TV (three years of begging at it's finest :D ). I might even make it into an Instructable.


Pillows and duct tape.

line the walls with egg crate foam, it's about a buck a square foot, not sure about fire resistance, don't want to end up like Great White.

Where can I get egg crate foam? I think that's what was used for the room I was in.

I'd check places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, look in the bedding section. And of course, the internet, shipping should be cheap.

cardboard egg cartons on the ceiling, foam on the walls covered in drapes for the door, you should have a thick one, with one of those rubber things that is on the bottom of the door that touches the ground...

Ghaaaa! My dream shattered! Every Single Room In The House has a window, more than one door, or is just an unfit room for soundproofing! Is there any way to move around this obstacle.

thicker windows, thicker doors. or thick cloth drapes over the windows (the more the better)