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Soundproofing? Answered

How could I sound proof my room? Particularly against the "bass" end of the spectrum? I know you can use foam panels that are cheap enough but would they also help absorb the bass too? I'm getting tired of my parents yelling at me whenever I play music. I don't nessesarily play it loud, but with my subwoofer on, it goes low enough to rattle through the whole house even at low levels. I'd like to make this a competition, the best idea I will pick out and do to my room, I may even think of a prize.


Hmm, too bad you can't levitate it, which would eliminate the vibrations from the box itself. The only other thing I can think of that would work for something really heavily bass would be Maxwell Smart's Cone of Silence :-) Set the box in one cone and yourself in the other.....


Well, when you think about it, imagine trying to soften the blows of a hammer on the floor....and you kind of get the idea of what you are up against.

. Great analogy and really goes the the crux of the problem.

Thanks...I guess you can tell I love to make analogies ;-)

Anagrams seem to be a challenge to me for some reason. I am good at relating ideas to words to other ideas, but am not as good with words from words (this doesn't mean I don't like them, but they are more challenging :-) Analogies come to me as easy as falling off a log LOL

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please get the joke goodhart. you could simply point the base away from the parents (get it?)

You have put pressure on me and so I am not sure which "base" you might be referring to, although I can think of about 12 or more...

seeing as no ne can get the joke, and i kinda ruined it by using base instead of bass, im just gonna tell the joke. bass is non directional, so you cannot point the output away from parents. hahahah you could add a potentiometer to the base to lower noise. better yet, hang the base by strings, so that the vibrations dont go into the floor.

Go to walmart and buy some egg crate foam mattress covers. Layer it with the smooth side facing the wall. I have used this before. It works pretty well.

Ohhhh that stuff, my parents used to have that on their bed until they bought some crazy $200 memory foam equivalent (wonder if that shit'd work...). Maybe I could buy some and spray paint it black cuz by itself it would look kinda odd no?

I now this pain despite being in a brand new house, to stop the house rattle try raising the subwoofer off the floor until you get some sound proofing, adding an extra layer of carpet padding (the foamy bit) is both comfortable and sound deadening, failing that A cheap option would be thin polystyrene sheets over the walls, or if you have cavity walls then get a foam blowing kit and fill them up...

I have foam under my carpet already but I do have some bins that I could sit my subwoofer up on. And you mean those plastic sheets like what's already behind my drywall?

Umm similar but something closed cell would be good and I meant double the foam up...

like the pink fluffy stuff. not the boards. they sell it at hardware stores.

that's insulation (fibreglass I suspect) and may have some effect but closed cell foamboard would likely be best, an foamboard that isn't a sponge would work, or maybe a cover of foamboard / mounting board could do the trick, and it's not too thick, and practicality is big by the sound of things so just enough is the key here...

wont this reduce the bass noise, thus the idea of turning down the stereo was the solution? did you get the joke?

It gives you more bass for not shaking the house though, but it depends on the woofer, mine happens to be the closed type with the output coming out a hole on the box, it's interesting what you can do, the bump of the bass will shake the room the same way but if its not on the floor it doesn't directly 'bump' it... Though the difference in power/size is a big factor, my computer one is small but massively powerful and shakes the hell out of everything, full volume makes my metal cabinet pop open (it's a snap on style one directly beside the wooofer) the ones for my CD player have woofer speakers way bigger and do much less shaking despite two of them being hidden under the bed, the floor should be bouncing... I can also knock stuff over with the computer one...

foam blowing works well as a sound barrier, and also improuves insulation. however, in some states, the building code requires that spray insulation foam be covered with flame retardant foam. this is to prevent noxious and toxic fumes produced by the burning foam.

btw, did you get the joke?

how come no one got the joke???!!!

buy some good thermal tiles. they sell them at hardware stores to cut out the noise of power saws. try pointing the base away from the parents. (the person who figures out the joke in that sentence gets a digital cookie :-D)

well, you spelled bass wrong. maybe thats the joke

no. but i does have somthing to do with the bass

Thermal tiles? I've never heard of anything like that but next time I'm at homehardware I'll look around. And no I don't get it.

no?? oh well. maybe goodhart or zach will


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believe it or not, a method that works quite well is putting wax paper on the walls, then a layer of glued on noodles (those flat strips used for lasagna are best for this) and then nail the foam panels on top with about a 1/4" to a 1/2" of space in between the noodles and the foam. now, heres the tricky part - you need to make sure to leave space between the top of the foam and the ceiling, because the next step requires you to put stuff down there. you will have to go to a hardware store, and buy pvc pipe. if your gap is 1/4", get 1/8" pipe. if your gap is 1/2", get 1/4" pipe. you then fill the pipe with water, seal it with or whatever you would like that won't leak, and then drop it down gap. if the bottom of the panels aren't resting on something, put nails in the wall along the bottom to stop the pipes from falling out. i know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but trust me, it works. the one downside is that it takes up a lot of space. i hope this was helpful!

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yeah. it actually sounds like it could work do you get the joke?

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Hold on I just got home let me take a look at this...

. Assuming you are in a wood frame house, you're SOL unless you want to spend a ton of money. The walls and floors conduct the sound throughout the building.

The house sits on a stone wall foundation but my room is extension off the house, perhaps that changes things?

The entire purpose of the subwoofer is to vibrate the surface it sits on. If it is sitting on the floor, well, you are SOL as NachoMahma says. If you put it on a box that is acoustically isolated from the floor, then your bass response is seriously reduced. You might be able to build a room within your room. The outer room is your current room. Then fill that room with cones or pyramids all pointing to the center of the room. Glue them to the walls and ceiling. Then build the second room inside the cones. Use 3/4 inch plywood for the inner room. The cones will give you a half a chance at protecting the rest of the house from your subwoofer. If you get too much echo in your new room, carpet the floor and ceiling and hang heavy drapes on the walls. Or did you want a practical solution? Other than turning down the subwoofer, I don't have anything.

Oh... a room inside a room hmm? So basically a box surrounded by cones. That actually sounds do-able but my room already small as it is (7.5'x11.5') I'm not sure how well that would work, as I assume you'd have to provide "some" kind of spacing between the "inner room" and the "outer" room. Give or take 1-2 feet? It's pretty cramped in here right now already, but then again my hard-not-to-notice corner desk of a giant has a significantly larger footprint on the floor than something like say a can of soda.

how about accoustic tiles. or pointing the bass away from the parents (somone, please, get the joke)


10 years ago

hmm, I just have headphones... =) no worries.

headphones dont have as good bass. did you get the joke?

I think it depends on preference. mine are good enough for me. :)