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Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch Success! Answered


Here's a video of the launch.


Thats what its designed to do, succeed! Im not really into space exploration but I have been inside Goddard and Kennedy and I fell a sleep during the Kennedy tour

>> and I fell a sleep during the Kennedy tour Is that because nothing was exploding at the time?

Actually after the tour we went to a short video about Apollo rocket, forget which one, but it was the next manned expedition after Apollo 13 (?) exploded. But people died, so I wasn't to thrilled


9 years ago


Maybe it's just me, but....why did you need to bump a topic that had only been created yesterday? Were you demonstrating the pointless futility of all human activity?

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Oh, that's cool then! Hmmm...an Instructable in the style of Albert Camus?

OOooOOoooOOo That sounds like an idea my friend!

" Launch Success! "

Translated - It's up, and they're not dead this time!

Is it my imagination, or is that video videoed from a TV screen? That is really old-school bootlegging!

Did he really say accellerating at three million horse power ??

I have noticed for years that spacecraft engineers (that's rocket scientists to the rest of you :-) play fast and loose with units. They measure their volume of fuel not in gallons or cubic meters, but in meters per second! (delta-v). I do believe that 3×106 hp is the thrust of the shuttle's main engine; the actual acceleration is something like 6 or 7 G's.

It's sort of like people telling me how much it cost's to fill their gas tank. My Suburban takes around $100. But it has a HUGE tank. My motorcycle takes like $10. The valid question is "what kind of mileage do you get?" The answer people give me is "I dunno, but it only takes XXXXX to fill the tank!"

My brother and I have been working on a system of arbitrary units for around the house, they could be adapted to other things, based mostly on body parts and such... You could for example have a bladderful of coffee (not as in you drank to much and need to go, just a unit) or a clot of pork, maybe get yourself a nostril of milk after. The units have no real meaning, seems to be inversely proportional to their hilarity...

Yes, I do believe so..

Personally I agree with the guy that wants parachutes in shuttles, he did it, passed the speed of sound and safely clunked on to the ground...

*jumped out in the far reaches of the upper atmosphere... first man to pass mach 1... It's not just me, this seems like way more fun than a few seconds of floating in a decaying russian plane...

Dang it, missed my flight!!

You know, space launches are still impressive but they are more of a common event nowadays. When I was growing up, a launch of an Apollo mission was something that inspired because it was the race to the moon. Now, it's bigger news to hear about the tons of space junk falling out of the sky.

I was at my school's football game when it launched...I think the people at the top of the stands were able to see it, but we didn't.

Yes, my wife and I were driving out to the coast to watch it, unfortunately, her jeep decided to crap it's crystal bowl transmission out onto the streets of Chuluota, so we got to watch the launch from a bank parking lot while waiting 3 hours for a tow trucks. grumble grumble.