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Space Toilet Broken Answered

Out in space, no one can hear you scream when the one toilet breaks. That's the status on the International Space Station right now. Solid waste is being taken care of just fine, but liquid waste currently is having problems that is temporarily being served by a "bypass" solution while the astronauts wait for new parts to arrive this weekend along with a shuttle.

This all reminds me of the scene from Apollo 13 when the engineers need to fix the filter with available parts. Maybe someday this too will get the Hollywood treatment.



Ya same here a really great movie. saw it in class too.

I just watched Apollo 13 in class.

Good movie saw it when I was 6 about 9 years ago.

I remember hearing about this on CNN. When they mentioned that they had to fix the toilet; I chuckled.

They cant really clog the toilet on freeze-dried food can they?

Luckily, its fixed now!


10 years ago

Those poor suffering people. Oh well it's not my problem.

Aw man, that would be terrable! The one tolet brakes down. Talk about a nighmare!