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Spanish fashion designer creates spray on clothing. Thoughts? Answered

A Spanish fashion designer, with the help of the imperial college of London (I think I said that right?) has created "spray on clothes". Personally I think it's absolutely ridiculous and will never where clothes made like that, after all it's more like coating your body in silly string then wearing clothes, right?

But, anyway, what are your thoughts on this?


(Image source: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/wp-content/gallery/spray-on-fabric/fabrican3.jpg)



5 years ago

Interesting idea but, it would take too long to get dressed in the morning and someone would have to spray it on for you or you would have holes where you can't reach.

Really? I wish the "related" articles on websites were from the same time period then...

Also here.

Personally, I think it's interesting, maybe useful as a field dressing, but not for everyday wear.