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Sparklers as heat source for work with metal? Answered

Forgive my ignorance but I was wondering if a sparkler could be used as a heat source for something like soldering or melting small quantities of aluminum? I could use something to bead up the end of a brass rod too. Any idea if that could work?


you will do better by blowing air through your BBQ and using charcoal - Should be able to melt iron.

Temperature of individual sparks is high enough, since they're generally burning metal.

But there isn't a lot of mass there carrying that temperature, as witness the fact that the metal rod at the core of the sparkler gets hot but doesn't melt.

You could probably solder. You could probably ignite magnesium (but you can do that with an ordinary match). You might be able to melt aluminum _powder_ in immediate contact with the sparkler. I don't think you'd be able to do much more than that.

Try it and report back.

It's hot enough, but the things chuck out so much muck they'll contaminate the joint badly.