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Speak Visual Contest - for computer modders and visual artists Answered

MAKE has just announce a new contest it's running with NVIDIA called the Speak Visual Contest. This is perfect for computer modders since you can enter a PC mod, gamer station or PC hardware creation. Interestingly enough, it's also open to motion graphics and data visualization that uses a graphics card as well.

Top prize is a Digital Storm PC with some killer specs that's worth over two grand. Five runners up will win the BFG GeForce GTX 260 OC MAXCORE. Others will win copies of Building The Perfect PC 2nd Edition or Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs from MAKE.

Even cooler, one of the ways to enter is to submit an Instructable with "modificationstation" as a tag. Below is the full list of ways to enter.

  • Flickr: tag your photos with "modificationstation" and also add it to the Make: Flickr photo pool.
  • YouTube, Vimeo, blip.tv: tag your videos with "modificationstation".
  • Submit your project link via the Make: Submit form.
  • Instructables, tag your project with "modificationstation".
  • You can also send links to your videos, photos or more to us via email.

Speak Visual Contest


I got a runner up prize :-)

Please do mention the last date also.

Aw man, if I even had an inkling that I could possibly win...I would spend some time on this......I just don't think I could though.

You won't win if you don't enter.

This would be something to spend some time on (to try to win), but I am afraid of just ending up not being able to accomplish what I need to in time....again.

C++ is a superset of C. See Kernighan & Ritchie, The C Programming Language vs. Stroustrup, The C++ Reference.

C as in the language or C as in Centigrade (Celsius, or whatever they call it nowadays)?

I was referring to C the programming language, where arrays are indexed beginning with zero. However, as Kiteman's pointed out below, his own inspiration was the laws of thermodynamics.

Understood. JScript does that too.

The numbering (and wording) is supposed to be a tribute to the laws of thermodynamics.

It is not the posting that is the problem, it is finding the time to put it all together that I have so little of. I have more time at work (but no tools etc here) then at home...once home, I have the wife to answer to...

But, come to think of it, I do get discouraged easily enough

I get too many things started at once....my mini alarm circuit, the annoying beeping thing (working the bugs out of it), a Card, a Poster, and making plans for a much larger project....I really have to have the wife go visiting over a weekend so I can get things done ;-)

do we just have to modify a pc?

so glad I now have an excuse to deck out my old pc! can I go for the retro/steampunk look?

my computer only has a 1ghz , 128 video, 512mb, 20gb & extern 500gb

holy... i'm telling me friend about this...

i have an idea but nothing that will win, sure look forward to the entries though !!

Must mod! I have the perfect idea!

My friend bought a computer with the strangest mods to the front, and possibly internally. It's quite bulky but the memory, sound card & graphics card that came with it is outstanding. Should I do a slide show featuring this?

Finally! A contest thats up my alley! I think the old scroll wheel needs some mods, I'm thinking LED's, keyboard controls and back/forward buttons. Watch this space.

I have an entry idea... Maybe more than one...

Maybe its time i worked on those powermac softmods..


9 years ago

Omg,I wonder if Gimp will ~~win~~ make it through

Hmm...I do need a new computer :)

This contest was born for my modding skills!