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Speaker amp construction Answered

i've got a 30W ELK-1RT speaker...it's designed for use with alarm systems etc...nothing really fancy....but we're attempting to find a way to plug it into a computer out in the factory i work at...we're having a rediculous time finding prebuilt amps to drive this thing from a PC line out port....wonder if anyone has something prebuilt or schematics and parts needed to power this speaker from a PC

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westfw (author)2007-06-17

20W amplifier kit
30W Amplifier chip.
20W amplifier chip

Your choices would multiply (and be cheaper) if you were to look at lower power amps. Just cause you have 30W speakers doesn't mean you need to put 30W through them; a real 30W is LOUD.

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crapflinger (author)westfw2007-06-18

"a real 30W is LOUD." hehe that's what we need....out on the floor of a manufacturing facility with people wearing earplugs...we need loud

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