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Special Yarn? Answered

First I want to thank You for a really nice class.

I bought a super soft yarn and thought I could knit a baby hat.

The yarn is from Sweden and it is named "Svarta fåret, Teddy" made of polyester and you should use 4mm knitting needles. Since I wanted to knit a hat I wanted it to be stretchy, but I could not see the previous stich was a "K" or a "P". I gave up.

How do you solve such a problem, the women in shop said it was a good idea to knit a hat with the yarn, but how do I do? Is it streatchy enough if I go for only K:s?

(I hope you understand my bad English)

/Lasse Sabell, Sweden

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-09-12

Fuzzy yarn does make it incredibly difficult to see your stitches, and I don't recommend it for beginners. There are plenty of patterns for baby hats (check ravelry.com) using only knit stitches, but they just won't be as stretchy as the ribbed hat pattern in this class. The trick (after gaining some experience/muscle memory for the stitches) is to count. I chant in my head "knit, purl, knit, purl..." etc. My mom can knit a ribbed hat in a movie theater!

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