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Speed control for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor Answered

 Speed controller for a 24v to 250w wheelchair motor.
Can anyone give me a list of parts needed to build  this also a  circuit board diagram showing where to put the components and the size of the PWM that would be required.
Thanking you all again.


Take a look a the www.4qd.co.uk website, it really isn't worth trying to build your own.

I use Sabertooth 2x25A for my RC Snow Plow.

See here: http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/sabertooth2x25

help me plz

It may not even be necessary - on our electric racing car we used a simple on off button operating the motor via a relay - This works fine with the operator able to adjust speed by blipping the button

As a passing thought your motor may well draw 20+ amps and as much as 70 amps on start up from stationary so any system has to be able to cope with these currents.