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Speed of sound question !! Answered

My friend and I were debating : If somebody sitting in the back of a plane cockpit going faster than the speed of sound ( the whole plane that is, imagine it was the SR71 ) insults the pilot at the front will the pilot hear it and turn around to punch the guy sitting in the back? This one might be more understandable: Can someone sitting in the front of a super sonic plane hear the guy in the back, without the help of microphone and all that crap. My friend thinks it is impossible becose the plane is going faster than the speed of sound and the sound from the guy at the back will not go fast enough for it to catch up. I think that is total nonsense Anybody knows the answer ????


This is like fifth grade. But if you were to insult the pilot from the ground, really, really loudly, the plane could outrun(outfly?) the insult.

yeah if you were on the grownd and you shouted to a plane the pilot would easally outrun the sound. But we were talking about inside the cockpit


10 years ago

Simple, of course you could hear the guy at the back, why? because the plane, and the air inside it are moving as one. It's like this, if you jumped in a train carriage going at 110mph, you'd still land in the same place, but if are on the carriage roof and jumped you'd end up either on the ground behind the train, or on a rear carriage. -I hope that's not too complicated... :-/

thanks, I tried to tell him about the air inside moving at the same speed and all that stuff but he wasn't convinced, knew I was right. Thank you very much :-)

Really? *shocking*

another illustration is a convertible car, with the hood down you get air in your face, and it's hard to speak, with the hood up..... &c. =)