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Halloween: Spindly finger costume hands help Answered

Hi! Looking for any ideas on an easy to do version of the gloves/hands in the attached pic. They don't have to have articulation, just be relatively sturdy. I have approximately zero cosplay/crafting experience so I'd appreciate detailed thoughts.

If this isn't the right place, I apologize for my newbie-ness.


That's actually me in the photo! I found the gloves online years ago by accident and they've since stopped making them. I have an older pair that I no longer use and have yet to get the courage to dissect them if for no other reason than if the current pair become unusable (which they're close to) I wouldn't have them for backups.

There's some kind of bendy wire running up and down the fingers and they're covered in some type of light felt. I love them because people aren't expecting to see such large hands come out from under the cloak.

stiff wire and some long finger gloves....would probably have to sew/glue the gloves. if you take the stiff wire (coat hanger would work) and make a spiral coil at one end that you can slip your fingers through then they'd retain enough support on the fingers to still allow you to move them. obviously they wouldn't bend at the joints, but you'd still be able to move them with stiff fingers.

with the right wire you could just "capture" the tips of your real fingers so that you can still hold things a little easier...or maybe capture the first two joints of the finger and not the last bit of your finger for a bit more mobility in the hands. the last thing I want in a costume is for it to make it impossible to hold a beer while I'm wearing it.

Hold a drink while wearing a costume? How archaic, that's what hydration backpacks are for!

Excellent idea with the coiling. I'm actually thinking now if there's a way to remove the fingers from the current gloves and attach them to another glove.

That's my main problem with the ones I have is that the palm area of the glove is tearing because it might be one size fits most but I guess my hands are bigger than 'most'.

No worries about holding anything. I only wear this out and about to scare the pants off people!

Much like Caitlinsdad - I would suggest a few layers of cardboard cutouts for the fingers attached to something you could hold in your hand. The outside coating looks like black panty hose to me, but perhaps it's cloth wrapped around it.... Awesome question!

The trick is to have some kind of hard flexible spine for the fingers. You want them radiating out from a wood anchor block that is strapped to the palm of your hand or glove for support. Work your way up from what you have, thin dowels, pencils taped together, pvc pipe, 12 gauge house wire, coat hanger wire, a cheap tape measure that you cut apart to length and folded lengthwise - taped to form a tube for rigidity...Build up thickness and body with tape or foam, cloth wrapped around it. Finish off with a coating of felt, fabric or duct tape. Good luck.