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Spiral Clocks tell time with ball Answered

These clocks tell the time by the position of a ball that slowly spirals in to the center and then gets dropped back down to start all over again. Pretty clever. Also pretty hard to read, but it's certainly a conversation piece and a good inspiration for some other projects.




8 years ago

Wait... Didn't you already post this?

I have a binary watch, which I bought of ebay.

Unfortunately, the battery is flat and I have lost the instructions for setting it...

When I read this I thought you had said "I have lost the instructions for SELLING it" and my mind jumped to how intricate an ebay guide instructable would be, my search bar dreads the thought too.

Was it easy for you to read?  I am still trying to get comfortable with the 24 hour clock (since that is most useful at work)
I have my watch set to 24 hour time, in an attempt to make myself think in that manner.....after 23 years, I am still (on times past noon)  subtracting 10 and then 2 to get the "real" time  :-)   

You might need to know how to put 2 and 2 together to read it.

I was always poorer at reading binary anyways....give me oct. and duodecimal any day  ;-) 

base 10 is decimal,  duodecimal is base 12 ;-)  (duo - 2  plus, deci - 10)

Nope, not hex nor hexidecimal  (neither 6 nor 16 ;-) 

But, at this point, it looks like "your number is up"  ;-) 

 But I am bound to hit infinity.  You can't go much further than that,

Oh, but I can, you see, not all infinities are of equal size ;-)  

(GH, the "reply" button to your comment was hidden)

I would have said something, but he might have gone all sarcastic about dry British wit again...

It's OK, I said dry British wit, not damp-between-the-toes British wit.

Dry British wit?   A friend of mine in England tells me MY humor is very dry (can you imagine that? LOL).

No, but I know that the Hippy Dippy Weatherman spoke of a Canadian High   ;-)

You know, I only looked at this because I thought it was the topic that was posted ages ago and there might have been a new addition to the thread...


Somebody needs to change the Link to point to the original topic :-)