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Splitting a power supply 3 ways? Answered

Is there a way to split a power supply 3 ways? power supply is going to be around 12v  6A, needs to be split between (2) 2.5 amp speaker amplifiers, and (1) 5v, 1a (or 500ma) ipod charger. Just wondering so i dont have to buy 3 plugs :)


Electronics draws as much power as it needs. If three devices are hooked in parallel to that 12V supply, and don't draw more than 6A total at 12V, you should be fine

(It's much like plugging three devices into a power strip. As long as you don't overload the power strip or the circuit, you're fine.)

The one hazard would be if one of these devices put enough noise back onto its power leads to be picked up by the others. That probably won't be a problem with this particular set.... but it's why car audio systems sometimes need a filter on their power lines to prevent noise from the motor and so on from reaching the speakers.

so do you recommend any particular setup or order? also i am assuming since they only take the power that they need, i could unplug the speaker (if neccesary) and leave just the ipod charger, and it would be fine?

Setup: In parallel. Which means there's no order.

A power supply is rated for the _maximum_ current it can supply at its stated voltage. If less power is drawn, it's perfectly happy and in fact will run cooler. So, yes, you could unplug any or all and they'd work fine.

Note: I'm assuming these were all designed to plug into a 12V supply. If not, you will of course need to regulate the voltage down from 12V to whatever they want. The regulator would be hooked in parallel with the other 12V devices; its output would then go to the device or devices that need the lower voltage. Of course it has to be able to supply enough current to power them.

it was more of a preference thing- speaker speaker ipod, or speaker ipod speaker etc. parallel it really doesnt matter at all... (which for me it means its harder to mess up! :)

will have to regulate ipod charger but other than that i am good :) thx!