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Sponsored vs. Prizes Provided Answered

I noticed there's new terminology being used on contests with sponsors. The Burn it contest and previous contests say they are "sponsored by," but all the current contests say "prizes provided by." Is this a clue that perhaps the sponsor has less input and those contests will close on the regular schedule, or does it not really mean anything?


Oh, I hadn't spotted that.

I'm going to guess that sponsors actually pay for some or all of the costs of actually running the contest (they can consume significant amounts of working time), and that providers, as you say, just pay for the prizes. I hope it does speed things up...

This is pretty much it, Kiteman. Prize providers do just that-provide prizes. We work directly with companies that we like, and think would be of interest to the community here. Having more prize providers lets us have more contests with bigger prizes. Prize providers have little to no say in selection of winners, so we hope to not have the delays we have with contest sponsors, who pay a lot more and have a lot more input along the way. There are always exceptions and unexpected issues, of course, but this is a general overview. Hope that answers your question!

Yea! The prizes from sponsors are cool and appreciated, so no one can complain too much, but it will be nice to have less delayed contest results.

Yup! A good rule of thumb is the wording on the banners. If it says "prizes provided by" then it should be business as usual, for the most part. If it says "sponsored by" or just has the company's logo on the banner, then there could be delays. Hope that helps!

Good observation. I also noticed challenge vs contest. Contests are sponsored or provided by and contests look to be imitated on the Instructables side of the house.

I'm also curious as to how the Radio Shack sponsorship will play out.

There are Instructables only contests but they're more expensive and thus tend to have sponsors. Challenges are cheap with only one major prize.