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Spray Paint Answered

I've taken a small school desk and I'm trying to fix it up a bit. The table top is made of wood, but is overlaid with a thick piece of laminate. I've sanded the surface to take out the texture and markings. 

I would like to give the laminate it a new paint job, but don't really know what kind of spray paint I should use. Ideas? Suggestions?

I could sit here and look it up on Google, but I thought I'd try making a forum and see how it goes. 


or perhaps polish the old surface? Work from coarse to finer sandpaper, then buff it with a mild abrasive. In a pinch, I've even used lava soap or similar.

I have sanded it down to very smooth. But, the laminate is bright red and I'm not particularly fond of that. So I'm looking to give it a better look.

If you're looking to have a durable work surface, you might want to consider avoiding paint all together . . I made a worktable with a painted top, and it's not durable at all. From my experience, I'd lean away from paint all together.

Perhaps you could sand through the red layer. If it's a laminate like Formica, you would eventually get to a brown layer. Removing an even layer might prove tricky though, and the feasibility of this depends also on the thickness of the laminate to begin with though. Got any photos?

I thought of that, but it's so thick and would take a lot of time. I might as well just peel if off. But before trying any of that, I wanted to give painting a try.

What you suggested, Krylon Fusion, seems like a feasible idea. I'll try that first, then if it doesn't work, I'll try something else.

Get a plastic primer and then use any spray paint you like.
Without the primer you risk loosing adhesion and paint chipping/peeling.

I did consider that, but the only problem with is that I'm trying to make sure I use paint that will work as a working surface. I've used a bit of spray paint in the past, and some don't work for certain applications, while others do. I've never needed to spray a working surface, so I'm looking to see what's best.

Laminates are plastic, so I would recommend a paint designed for plastic like Krylon Fusion.