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Spreadshirt Help Plz? Answered

Well, I made my own shop on Spreadshirt, but now how do I get paid.

US residents and US citizens would also have to supply their tax ID, Social Security number or Tax Identification number

So, where do I get the things needed? I mean, its a source of income, and I would pay tax on it...
Any help?

BTW don't give me that: "Have you checked the FAQ's?" business, I did, and I found nothing..


We actually do not send out checks. If you a US citizen with a US checking account, then you can receive payout through Direct Deposit or Paypal. International partners have the option of PayPal only. On the same page where you enter your tax information is where to enter the Financial information as well, Profile > Member Account > Financial Administration.

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Look under the help 9http://www.spreadshirt.com/us/US/Service/Help-1328/categoryId/29/articleId/49 How do I get commissions paid].

Seems that commissions are processed quarterly, must be over $25 in total commissions which depend on your sales, then the check is in the mail....

They probably need your tax number for id, sales taxes, income taxes, etc. TINs are issued to corporations or entities doing business and registered with the state as a business. I don't know their setup but as an individual, they should probably only need your SSN.

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Hello! If you are an individual, then you would only have to supply your Social Security Number. In your account under Profile > Member Account > Financial Administration, when you click Edit for the tax info, then you will see three sections...the first is for non US citizens, second for individuals, and third for companies. Use the second box, select the radio button for this section, enter your SSI in the form xxx-xx-xxxx, then Save and you are set. On the same Financial Administration page, you are able to enter your payout method. For US citizens, we offer PayPal or Direct Deposit to US checking accounts. Choose your option, enter the info, click Save and you are all set to receive your commission payouts.

Okay, so I supply them with my SSN, and then they send me checks? Or what? BTW, thanks for your help so far! :D

Have you checked the FAQ's? :p

Have you called the Customer Service line? The FAQ's, while pretty extensive, can be confusing. Just click on the HELP link and you should find the toll free number for answers to this question.


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