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Springling salt on carpet for fleas? Answered

I have a 2yr old toddler and am wondering if it is safe for him to play after i sprinkle the salt on the carpets? I was thinking about doing it after he goes to bed but if you have to leave it for a couple days then i guess it wouldn't matter when i put it down.



1. I doubt that the salt will kill or deter the fleas. however I have never tried this.

2. I guess if the toddler licks his fingers after playing on the carpet he may (or may not )like the taste.


Never heard that salt does anything for fleas.. (personally I don't think it will).

I found out that the salt is meant for drying out eggs, not grow-up fleas. People say it works well.


5 years ago

Humans can and do have fleas.
Humans sweat salt with moisture.
Conclusion salt does not deter fleas !


Now I seem to have a flea problem too and I was investigating the topic and where I live people mainly do use salt for that purpose. The point is not to deter grown-up fleas, but salt is supposed to dry out the eggs.

Horses sweat
men perspire
but ladies only glow!


+1   Very well said..

I recall when over imbibing it is said men may hurl 
but ladies are un-well

If you are using table salt then - it's edible, not poisonous in reasonable amounts. You can easily keep eye on your toddler so much time that he can't lick enourmous amounts of it if he happens to like the taste. If he really starts to lick the carpet which I guess is not very likely then the carpet itself probably is more dangerous than salt. If he reacts in a strange way then just vacuum it straight away and problem solved.

I have heard and also used myself spirits of hartshorn against fleas, but that house was so hopelessly full of the insects ("nice neighbours") that I can't tell if it would have got rid of them in a more modest flea attac. Somewhat it did help if I remember correctly. The method I heard of was putting spirits of hartshorn into the floor washing water, but I did not have patience to wash so often and it took much less spirits if I put it in a spray bottle with water and just sprayed the floors lightly moist.

Well I looked around and it seems "spirits of hartshorn" is not the right name for the substance I meant - got there through a wikipedia in my mother tongue for some reason. I just can't find the right name in english.

The thing I meant is a liquid that is (was) used to wake a fainted person. If I remember correclty It has strong smell that makes a person sneeze when put under his nose and that's how it works. But spraying it on the floor in concentration maybe teaspoon or few per half litre of water did not make me sneeze. I got it from drugstore.

If soemone knows it's name, please tell.

If you vacuumed it up in the morning I wouldn't see a problem.
Having salt in the carpet will absorb moisture and you'll end up with a damp-salty carpet on the floor.
I don't believe that salt is effective against fleas.



5 years ago

Like the others, I've never heard of using salt to kill fleas. Use borax (20 Mule team Boraxo is a good one) its cheap, effective and safe around kids and pets (though I wouldn't let either ingest it) and it won't harm the carpet.
Sprinkle a dusting of the borax over the carpet and under the furniture, under chair and couch cushions and any other place fleas may hide. Let it stand over night and then vacuum the next morning. The biggest trick is getting to all the places the fleas can hide. You can repeat the process as needed.