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Spy corner ! Answered

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STOP wasting money for spy equipment ! I would like to build my own amatorial spy stuff. And I would like to start with this WALL MICROPHONE. Is it possible to do it with a stethoscope, an amplifier and a digital microphone ?!??!

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Weissensteinburg (author)2007-02-09

Here's an idea, there's an instructable on wireless guitar transmitter with walkie talkies. You could use that, hide the walkie talkie, and have a small microphone out in the open to pick up sound. Also for video, take a part a webcam for the smallest essential components, and it will be easily hidable, coupled with a super long usb cord...

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teaaddict314 (author)2007-02-09

you really dont need to use anything else than the stethascope i think....but if u want to u can get a small amplifier and hook it up to a mic. that u put inside the stethasope....i think the sound quality would be horrible though but if it works it works......im working on night vision right now ....lol

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