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Squid Labs? Answered

So, from what i've gathered, you guys at squid labs just mess around and have fun building ridiculous things..the site just confused me more...so what do you guys actually get paid for?


Isn't that kind of like Instructables?

This is what really happens................

Picture 1.png

Contracting and Consulting I think people hire squid labs to do their engineering for them or something like that

Maybe they just get paid to be awesome? *Hoping that will get me a free instructables patch =P*

Nice try! ;)

Keep posting projects and you'll probably get one. The best jobs are the awesomely fun ones that also pay.

Quoted from Squid Labs:
"SQUID Labs is a unique company which engages in many types of work. We do consulting and contracting, we conduct our own research and development programs, we commercialize technologies, and operate socially beneficial projects."

How do I go about becoming an intern at Squid Labs?

Check out the instructables blog for details ;)