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Srac Sdrawkcab. Answered

Here's a bit of fun; lift the top off a car, flip it front-for-back, and refit it, all in Photoshop.

From FinalGear via NOTCOT.

Go on, let's see your photoshoppery and gimpery.


I can flag your spam as fast as you post it.

I wish I had Photoshop.

Well...mine's not very good but i did it in MS paint! :3 It's an Audi TT.


Thanks. Oh, and by the way is that GIMP this safe to download?

It is safe if you get it from a "safe site" (either their own site, or from CNET).

Nevermind about GIMP, MY PC HAS SOUND NOW!!! :D

did you mess up a driver? Or a sound card?

I said it HAS sound now. Now I listen to music and be a gamer

Oops, posted without first looking ;-)

I tried twice here is a blu and a red 1964 mustang


I need time to find out more about GIMP. I just haven't had time to fool around with it enough (although I did take a stab at reversing um, some car...but I couldn't get it to "flip the portion properly".

I'm not entirely sure if this is the "Before" or the "After"...

sdrawkcab inim.jpg

Mom's car doesn't really fare much better...

arbex sdrawkcab.jpg

I actually saw a mini with this done, real head melter, in portrush there's often big mini shows, with all kinds of interesting things, a whole town just becomes full of old minis.

Here's another from paint.


This is the first time I've tried to make a picture like this in any image editing software. It's not bad for a first attempt I think.

reverse mini.jpg

not as good as i hoped it to be....it's a lot more noticeable than i thought it would be (i mean, which end is the front on a beatle?) i've got some others to work on when i get some time

barbie_nb_side_large copy.jpg

LOL - of all cars, the new Beetle is one I think always looks like it's driving backwards.

the audi TT (the second revision i think) was the worst. since it looks like a squished beetle, it's even more difficult to tell which is the front

this one actually hurt a little.....man that's such a beautiful car

Aston_Martin_V8_Vantage_Hamann_217 copy.jpg

Wait is that reversed? It looks perfectly normal and frankly, pretty awesome...

it's an aston martin vantage

here's the original


Wow! They almost look the same!

almost....probably because i just flipped it above the door line.the rearview mirror gives it away

Cool stuff, people! I got a little carried away with this one - did more than just turn the top around. Is OK?

Jaguar  XKE Racing 1a41_3.jpg

That is great - it looks like something out of Thunderbirds.

Here's another jag...

Jag 1959 Mark IX 4~1226982543.jpg

@Kiteman Where can you downlaod photoshop?

I found a place called sumo paint. It's a lot like photoshop.

I fear such distal witchery is currently beyond my ken, but I'm very impressed. The super-car looks especially good, Did you see the "Mythbusters" episode where they did that for real?

Here's some stuff I did in photosho from scratch, sorry it's not funny though =D

BTW - Sorry the image quality isn't that great, the instructables uploader seems to degrade the images a bit.

Sun in a bottle 1.jpga1.jpgBlue Sun and Black Hole 1.jpg

Hey, Kiteman, where's the double-u?

I don't what you mean...

>Innocent whistle<

*clap clap clap* amazing.