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Standalone WiFi booster? Answered

 Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of a project out there for boosting a WiFi signal.  I don't mean a parabola on the antenna of the router, I mean something that sits in another room, receives the signal, then boosts it and sends it out again.  Not sure how feasible this is, but I figured it was worth asking.  Also, I'm up for a bit of a soldering challenge :)


try taking out the antenna and spiting it in to two, one will remain in the original place and the second will be on a wire that goes in to the other antenna in your room, witch you can make out of a can with coper wiring wraped around it or, a old fishing pole with wire wrapped all the way around it as the second. worked good for my radio.

For posterity, if anyone else is wondering how to do this, you can get any router with a dd-wrt install to do this, either by making it a repeater or repeater-bridge. Search for details, shouldn't be hard to find.

 I don't know of any projects, but the Apple Airport Express does that... But I just read that it only extends the range of Apple Wireless routers even though they work with Macs and Windows machines.