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Star Trek Phaser, power bar LED sequencer circuit? Answered

Hello to all,
 I am currently re-building a Star Trek type 2 phaser, if that means anything to anyone. I would like to know how to create a circuit that does the following: There are 16 LEDs in two rows of 8. I would like to cycle through them one after another with 2 button switches. ie press a button on the left and the first LED comes on. Press it again and the next LED comes on. Press it a third time and the third LED comes on. and so on. At his point there should be 3 LEDs on. Then, press the right button and that third LED goes off. Press again and the second goes off and so on.
 Hope this isn't to long winded. Below is the link to a vid of what I am trying, not very well, to describe.


 I would be grateful if anyone could help me out on this. I have searched the web with no luck so I thought I would sign up to my favourite electronics website and ask.


Well, you're going to need to familiarize yourself with a micro controller of some kind. Which one is a matter of preference, but some are easier, some are cheaper, some have a nicer learning curve. Programming language is also a big factor in choosing a micro. Do you have any programming experience?

Hi guys. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunatly I don't have any experience with programming. My knowledge is limited to chips like 555 timer, CMOS and a couple of others. I am, of course, wanting to learn more and so I don't mind giving programming a go. If you could give a basic idea of how to go about it I would be grateful.
Many thanks to you both

Update: I have done some more research and have come up with a PICAXE-20 microcontroller. Would this be any good? Sorry to ask but I am only just moving into the realm of IC's and the like.

You could do this with logic, but as Thermionic says, its a prime target for a micro. A PIC could do this, or an Arduino clone.