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Starry night Answered

For art class I have to paint a famous painting. I'm thinking about doing Starry night and writing an ible of the process. What do you think???

The original painting:


The choice of painting is entirely up to you, but, personally, I like your choice.

As for making an instructable, well, that's a rather silly question, isn't it?

Yes, I really love the painting, it's just that most people go for a modern painting.

With thousands of years of creativity to tap into, why restrict yourself to the last few years?

For a task like this, you play to your strengths and your tastes.

I was wondering why you didn't button your avatar yet. So, I just did that for you :-)


Haha, that's cool.

Btw, the picture courtesy to Coraline.com.

I think it's a GREAT painting to start from. And thinking of starry nights, I think blinking LED's. But that might be my personal space oddity...

Yes, and I decided for myself NOT to do something that's just tracealbe. After tomorrow I have two weeks of, so I'm going to do some skcetching. Part of the task is also to give a reflection of the painting as framing. When I hear something like that, my head starts spinning immedeately and I just CAN'T go for the easy way. I've seen the Tardis variant an I totally LOVE it :)