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Start Menu Contents and Programs Answered

What are the usual things on your start menu? What is under All Programs?


I don't have one :) OSx

I'm sorry, this forum is reserved for the cool computers =P

Only so that people like you can make fun of them.

I prefer computers that work to supposed 'cool' ones.

I must agree. Actually, I have about seven OS's installed on VPC.

I just realized how irrelevant that last part is...

VPC? i did try all the other os's i was a windows user for about 7 years before i saved up some money and got a mac.

More correctly, MSVPC. Microsoft Virtual PC. Nice. I use them all.

ah, sounds kinda crappy (what with the microsoft bit) im sure there are much better virtual environments out there for windows, but i havn't used windows for about 5 years now so. I do use VMware on my mac, great for running msn with webcam, because the plug has not been filled by 3rd party yet.

Surprisingly, it's pretty good. I never expected it, but it is pretty good. I just wish it had more options.

In fact, I wish everything had more options. That's why I'm writing Saerox...

I have a mac, but all I do on it is write iTouch apps for my friends.

You need to know xcode (the language of Apple stuff) and no, it can't be done on Windows (a fact I'm horribly upset about).

Firefox, frutyloops, itunes, toblo, aduacity,

Toblo is awesome, it just needs more levels and online multiplayer.

ya i also wish it had a option to re build the blocks like throwing them into spots and having them stay up-right so you could make like walls and stuff

Yea, I guess, but that would be very hard.

Never heard of it.

I always feel so out of it these days...

It seems fun: "Toblo is a free, fast-paced capture the flag game that has two teams using the world as weaponry, throwing bombs, and generally destroying things."

What's this "Undock computer" button?

It displays with a laptop that's on a port replicator/ docking station.

Yeah, it's a laptop. If I click that, it disconnects all the devices hooked up to the docking station so that I can remove it without problems.

under my start bar I have FF, iTunes, Gimp, Audacity, Halo, Limewire, Paint , and Blender

If you use blender, you should try Caligari Truespace. It was the inspiration for Blender, but cost several hundred dollars, but now is free. I personally think it has better features than Blender.

trust me, i don't even use all the features of blender

Me neither. It's just sometimes more efficient and faster.

I also just like showing off that I have a $700 program.

I just leave out the fact that it was previously $700...


9 years ago

Mine's pretty boring, just some video editing stuff I needed for one of my instructables.


ImTOO? I've never heard of it. Is it good?

It works, it's a pretty simple editing program, I've used better. I had trouble with Windows Movie Maker so I had to find something else, in a hurry.

I see. I've always been interested in video editing, but never found myself very good at it.

It helps to have good software for it, I used Ulead Videostudio before and really liked it, but I really don't do to much video editing.

Never heard of that one either. I'll have to try it.

OH how liberating not to have one of those....