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Starting a website. Any good ideas on what to make it on? Answered



Or did you mean "on" as in OS-X, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or which web-host?
Like mikeasaurus don't even think about starting unless you have some ideas already. This is what happened when I started a web-site:


If you're not sure what to have a website on then don't bother, there's plenty of half-assed garbage on teh internet already. Whatever you decide to make you website on make sure it is something you are passionate about, it's up to you to make it relevant and interesting to your audience. Your website should provide a service to those who view it. The attention span of the average user is pretty small, If you can't present something that will engage your viewers, or unsure about what your content should be, what chance to you have capturing an that audience. The 'close' button is closer than you think, so make it count. Bottom line: Chose something you are passionate about, this makes your site more of an extension of you and something you are more likely to be engaged in as well. Good luck