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Starting out as electronic hobbyist. What electric components (not tools) would be good to have around workshop? Answered

I'm just starting out as an electronics hobbyist, and I am finding it is getting prohibitively expensive.  I don't have the ability to dumpster dive for parts, nor can I run to the local electronics shop for every resister I need.  Mail ordering for one or two parts for a specific project gets ridiculously expensive, not because the parts are expensive but due to shipping.  I'd like to simply place one big order for the majority of parts I will need for most projects.  So, if you were going to spend say 100 bucks to buy electric components to play with, what would you buy to keep on hand?


Jameco has a deliriously wonderful selection of component "grab bags" with plenty of variety at low cost.


8 years ago

You can often find resistor and capacitor "value packs" that have a large assortment of different common values.  Get some of those.

Next, go through scads of different projects that you'd like to build, and note which parts they use.  Get quantities of those.

Don't forget lots of wire, switches, potentiometers, LEDs, speakers, motors, etc.

Oh, and an arduino.  ;)


8 years ago

100 Ohm resistors, LEDs, a variety of switches, 200 Ohm resistors, shrink tubing, jumper wires.

It really all depends on what you want to do. Some ppeople would stick 555 chips or other ICs in there, transistors, caps, pots...

It all depends on what you want to do. For whatever project you have in mind, buy extra parts in case you hurt one, or just for future projects.

I always take this method and keep adding. That way, you develop a stash of pieces that you personally use most. Everybody is different, and everybody uses their own blend of favorite pieces they commonly use for their favorite projects.