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Stats tab not working Answered

i noticed the stats tab is no longer working. This is the last tab that is on your welcome page. It just says that the server  had a problem.
It happens on all my devices so I believe it is not an issue with me but with the site. If my memory is correct I believe this has happened before.
It is a nice feature to have so I hope it will be returning. 


On April 20, 2015, Google deprecated the authentication protocols that are used to power that stats page. We should have seen this coming probably, but since this is not a feature we look at regularly, this deprecation escaped our attention.

We'll be taking a look at it in the coming months; I hope we can get it fixed in a reasonable timeframe.

Try this link:


That doesn't help. As you can see from the discussion in this thread, the feature is currently broken.

It worked for me every time that was broken, as for me the issue was always the server timing out trying to count all the comments.

Comments? We may be talking about different things. The stats page does not have any comments.

And if, as happens below, one of the coders from Instructables tells us it's broken and why, I tend to believe them.

It has a count of how many comments you have, though, and for calculating that it took so long that it got the backend error, thus loading another tab in there directly works fine.

Okay, now I know what you mean about the comments.

You mean you can actually get it to work, currently? I can't. And I don't understand what you mean by 'loading another tab in there'.

yes, that /you page is loading fine for me.

You know how it had different 'tabs' in that /you page? I meant hitting one of those.

Yes, /you page works for me, too. What doesn't work is the 'stats' tab on this page. That's what I understand this thread to be about. Is that working for you?

Oooooooh, gotcha now, no, that one isn't loading for me, either....seems like i messed up hard time, sorry x.x

Hey no worries! I had a nagging feeling that we were talking past each
other... it's always satisfying to untangle this kind of verbal knots.

Oh, and don't go to the front page or to the "discussion" part


3 years ago

yeah it's been down again for a while now. I miss it because I have a few instructables that I like to track because they are sometimes popular.

Also the e mail notifications are not working again.

This is as of July 10

getting the error again

I'm getting the same error. Tried multiple browsers

I get that error too but at least you get to watch the videos!

Confirmed in Firefox running in Windows.