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Staying Warm Caption Contest - Update! Answered

Now that Thanksgiving is over and winter is on it's way, I have been brainstorming ways to stay warm around Instructables HQ. One solution that I am considering is to make one of those toasty Compubody Socks that I was fortunate enough to try on a few months ago.

However, thanks to the effectiveness of this cozy privacy shield, I can no longer tell whether or not I enjoyed this experience. Perhaps you can help me to remember by adding your caption below?

The best caption will be picked Monday and the author will win a sweet tape measure from DIY Network who is hosting a Cool Tools Holiday Blitz that runs from tomorrow (11/27) to Sunday (11/30). They will also win a virtual caption contest patch!

Limit of 3 entries per person.

The winner will be selected on Monday (12/1)

UPDATE: And the winner is...

The Internet is a series of tubes... Apply Directly To The Head - T3h Muffinator


Mine would be, "Porn in Private."

Ha Ha! Now nobody will know my Instructables log-in password! BWAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Eric does... He can access anybody's account and see our private things... BTW, I don't think anybody can figure out my password! (I changed it into something a lot more harder.)

I've always used a pretty impossible password that's very easy for me to type, granted I've always wanted to make my password a keyboard movement, rather than a combination of letters and number or some such, it adds both freedom and ease to making it work, plus it's more secure...

qazwsx? That was my friends for a while. Just stroke the keyboard twice and your good to go. It's genius.

a keyboard movement? is that anything like a human movement? I hope not

The way my head feels right now, if the recycle bin had a steam control on it, I would stick it in and crank it up ! My sinuses are still killing me...

You just gave the world full of hacker your tip what your password might be...

Actually I deliberately didn't, I expressly used the phrase characters and numbers to keep to the general description of a password and as of yet I don't have one that works as a movement... I just use a pretty secure one...

wait, i'm changing mine, it has 16 digits now... no joke


btw, the comment you replied to was an entry...

i won't, too little possible swear words... mine still has 16 digits BWAHAHAHAHHAHA and i will remember that number for the rest of my life.

I did once, at work, then they called me while I was at home, because they needed to adjust the monitor settings (old data terminal monitor), and I had passworded it. That changed quickly LOL I mean, it is also what a beaver builds, so it wasn't so bad.....still ;-)

Nah, it is pretty secure (if there are no keyloggers on this computer ;-)

They pretty much leave me alone as long as I follow 2 simple rules: #1: no porn, which I wouldn't go to even if they didn't have that rule, and #2: I accomplish all scheduled and requested tasks....correctly.

ha ha yeah, i would be my soul and all my money you wouldn't...

Woah, that is long... What was your old password?

My password is fairly short, but nobody is going to be able to figure it out!

Oh well... :-)

hahahaha, hiv...

my new one is... is... is... Math related

STD ? short term disability? LOL different backgrounds, different interpretations.... PS: I know what you meant by std....

Which? STD in part of the industry I am in means Short Term Disability, but AA was referring to sexually transmitted disease (std).

Ahh, every thing makes sense now, thanks!

just think, if you had confused it with stp, just how sticky the situation would become ? ;-)

(Sharp loud buzzing noise from the dryer) BAAAAP!!! You got that wrong....

You should have a dryer with a mute switch ;-> heh, heh, heh

Haha! yeah...

Yes, I saw your instructable about the dryer and the mute switch. :-)

same mines from an manga that predates dragonball i doubt many americans read it and im not worried JUADLOL

That's not the point. If it is easily read in text, or recognizable, it is not very secure not that any of them really are, but some are at least somewhat so to script kiddies, etc.

you want more hints? your still not going to get it i might have mad a typo while using it the first time i haven't read graphic novels for such a long time

Oh, I wasn't talking about guessing it *grin*