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Stealth Answered

Anyone have any idea's to make yourself more stealthy?


Get rid of jewelry and loose dangling clothing around your ankles, wrists and neck. Tie your shoes in square knots and feed the loose ends back down the laces to avoid catching anything on the ground. If you put anything in your pockets only put one item in each pocket. Look around with your eyes not your head. Lextone

you seem to have a fairly experienced opinion on this subject Lex, perhaps you have read Stephen K. Hayes?

Never heard of him. I did Google him, sounds interesting...My knowlege comes from E&E; training.

You should read his book, "Spirit of the Shadow Warrior" I have a copy myself and it certainly helps in enhancing the senses too

Its been awhile since this thread was active...but hey, its an interesting topic. I don't partake in the realm of stealth and stalking anymore. I learned escape and evasion tactics, camouflage, and game stalking through hands on training. It all really comes down to practice, practice and more practice. I never read the book, but Im sure that is part of the technique. Some other stealth tactics I have to offer are these: You are easier seen in the day and best heard at night. Its easier to hide from Humans than Animals, so master the evasion of wild life or they will give you away. Never look directly at lights at night, your eyes will shine and give you away. Utilize the landscape for concealment. Use established roads and paths for navigation, never for travel. Lextone

Also that if you have their source of light in between the two of you then it will ruin their night vision and the blood of any animal other than human will disguise your scent.

Actually...animal hide is better. Blood attracts scavengers. Perfumes from soaps in your laundry, Shampoo's and deodorants....even your toothpaste cannot be hidden by simply smearing blood on yourself. That only works in the movies.

ahhhhh... it would make sense then... my grandfather would hunt wearing deerskin... he also smeared himself in pigs blood... he came home every time with a great bounty... I am a fisherman and a blacksmith (as my name suggests) and I am afraid I was not taught many hunting techniques

Good advice, I am gonna use that the next time I go airsofting, I love surprising people =D

wear flat bottomed shoes like chuck taylors, when i wore them i used to be able to sneak up on anybody. but they are not so comfortable.

You mean like ninjitsu?

Get low, stay low, and keep a constant eye out. If at night, wear grey, not solid black. NEVER look at or into a light (at night).

Well, personally I like the idea of not so much trying to sneak, otherwise you will send off a certain energy that says: "there is something amiss here". I like blending in to my surroundings by hanging around large groups of people wearing setting appropriate clothing, but if I want to be stealthy for night time I wear very loose yet form fitting clothing, nothing that makes a sound when coming in contact with itself. Also move low and quickly or crouching but still smooth.

Take your shoes off and wear thick socks?

Moccasins are better, although they are essentially thick socks...

Actually, I do. It's called 6 in 60. Meaning 6 meters in 60 minutes. It's a totally silent crawl used by the IDF. What you do, is lay down, with your elbows on the ground, and your hand up. Then, use your toes to life you up, and lean forward. Move your elbows a few inches farther, and do it again. It's very slow, but totally silent. In the IDF they put their rifle in the V that your elbows form. Tell me if that doesn't make sense, i'll take some pictures later.

I think theres a gun called an IDF Defender lol i saw it in counterstrike: Source

When you walk step down on the heel or your foot and roll to you toe slowly. Also if you dont want to be seen make yourself look as if you should be there that way there is no reason to think that you are going to do something. Try learning some shadow hand for stealth fighting. (Shadow hand so very useful for winning a fight quickly and efficiently.) If you are going to do something like throw a punch do so without any preparation (dont twitch, bring your arm back like most people do when they punch.) if you are hiding at night then bring a dark colored blanket just big enough to cover yourself to brake up your shape as a human. Also if you have been seen at night and are at arms length of the person shine a bright light in there eyes to destroy there nigh vision and run away. I have about twenty other things you could do but i have to go help my dad so if you need more tips then tell me.

However, if you're walking in snow, loose leaves or other stuff that makes a noise when you stomp in it, put your toe down first, sliding into the loose stuff as deep as you can before you put any weight on it, then lower your heel down gently.

Practice moving to that tip-toe music:

duh, duh, duh, duh, duuuuuuh, duhduhduhduh

yeah, i guess but more modern like spec ops lol