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Steam Fair and Eden Project photos. Answered

Right, that's it for a while - I'm away on holiday tomorrow morning, a week in Devon.

Beaches, buildings four times older than America, and the Eden Project.

I may even get my kites flying! (Edit: No, I didn't. The beaches were too narrow, too crowded or too non-existent to fly from. The one decent beach we found for kiting (Slapton Sands) was windless the day we went)


I've uploaded selected images to my Flickr account:


There are two sets there, the Steam Fair and the Eden project.

Sorry, no stills of the Stirling engines (what was thinking??), just this video.


. I would like to see more pics of the Stirlings and the steam pics. . I have a hosted web server if you need some place to put them where they will be accessible to all (instead of loading up Instructables server). You can use a few 100MB for a while. I can set up a folder at bollen.us/Kiteman/. PM me if interested.

That's very generous! It's OK, though - since people are interested, I'll get around to sticking them on my semi-dormant flikr account.

First batch done (see the edited OP)

Eden Project and Steam fair photos added (see the edited-again OP)

I've been a fan of the google photo storage. It has a very nice slideshow and a gig of storage. comes with every gmail account.

. Heehee. The .DOC files threw me for a loop. It didn't occur to me that they were actually Word documents. Doh! I was thinking .JPG/.MOV/etc. I opened one with OpenOffice, thinking I would have to use the four byte ID to figure out what the file _really_ was. What a nice surprise to have annotated pics! Cool.

I'm back! I can't believe how much stuff has been added in just a week - is it just me, or is stuff getting added at an ever-faster rate? I've skimmed the Instructables, looks good, now it's time to go for the forums... Very busy time - we did three castles, a steam fair, Eden Project and the UK's largest aquarium. The highlights for Makers were the steam fair (I'll post more pictures if somebody asks, but this picture is traditional cidermaking. Yes, that's a racoon, no, I do not know why it's there, yes it fell in the apple juice, yes, they still made the stuff into cider, along with the donkey saliva, no, I didn't buy any) and the Eden Project. UK readers know about the project, others may not - it's a clay pit turned into the world's biggest greenhouse - huge domes full of tropical and mediteranean plants. There's a green / recycle theme running throughout. Rather than post loads of pictures, I've put the highlights into the attached Word document, plus a few notes.


> is it just me, or is stuff getting added at an ever-faster rate? . Hmmmmmm. Seems to me the traffic has been DOWN for the last, oh, week. And now, all of a sudden, it has jumped back up. Let me think, what was different during the last week? . Welcome back!

OK, some pictures of the steam fair, plus a short video of some Stirling engines, all hand-made. The heat sources they are running off are single small bulbs under their cylinders.