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Steampunk Bluetooth Answered

The Borgifier gets the olde steampunk treatment and turns the wearer into a bit of a clockwork human. I wonder where the artist got all those tiny cogs and if he has a good supply to replace them when they get knocked off.



steam punk seems to get a lot of attention on 'ibles...

it gets a lot of attention because for the most part that is what 'ibles is about. the free creation of things. and if you can make it super stylin' like our friend up there well awesome for you. it also has that attraction that it is hard to do and if done right has great effects.

Wow.... What is the world coming to :-p

An interesting idea, but as with so much "steampunk" stuff, the creator and fans seem to forget or not realize that exposed gears (especially very small fine gears like those in the headset above) will get fouled and bind or wear out very quickly. The reason functional gears are almost always hidden in working devices is that the designer of the device wants it to remain functional. Mad props to the first person to post a steampunk condom 'ible, unless I do first!

To clarify, I don't think the gears in the above piece are functional. My point is they don't look functional because they are exposed. The illusion of functionality is broken by the fact that they are exposed.

cool but who would actually wear it ???

I would were that any day it is sick

nice work, i cant help but think that those brown bits look too plastic looking tho, leather instead perhaps?

That is so cool!. I love the whole steampunk art style! wonder if there is actually real bluetooth connectivity though....

Look like old watch bits... pretty funky if I do say so myself...

Look like old watch bits...

I wouldn't be surprised if they just popped the back off an old watch and wrapped it in leather.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they just popped the back off an old watch"
I'm with you on that one.

Innovative way of getting the complex gear setup, nice.
Giving that it may be a complete watch, it would be very impressive to make one of these, in which the clock mechanism still functioned. The spinning/moving gears on the outside would look truley awesome.

especially with the rocker arm and wheel tick ticking back and forth hmmmm

Oh I was still on the artwork side of it... Possibly a half hour or so of demonstration use might be tolerable... Well for some life like mechanism attached to your ear, it may be worth it for art purposes... But I agree it would send me insane in about 5 minutes.

You could mold a replacement back out of acrylic fairly easily, and possibly drive the gears with a pager motor.

That's exactly what it is. I have tons of watch pieces from when I used to do watch repair. I need to find them and use them in a project.

looks kinda shoop'd anyone agree?

i would totally wear this if i had bluetooth! sheeshers!


9 years ago

You can purchase watch parts in lots on ebay. If you search "steampunk" it will come up with many results.

never tought about sculpey in this way. It's the same thing as Fimo, right ?

I suggested it a while back, not to bad looking.

Dang that looks cool...

This is freaking awesome!