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Steampunk Raygun, TV Remote Jammer, Ghoul Grabber... Answered

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Oct. 25, 2007

Welcome back!

There is just a little over a week left for our DIY Halloween
2007 Contest! We know that you're working on your costumes, food, jack-o-lanterns, and scare gadgets now so don't forget to take pictures and write up a fantastic Instructable!

Tomorrow we will have a special Halloween newsletter so don't be surprised when you get two e-mails from us this week.

For now, check out these great Instructables!

Matchsticks Cube (no glue)
Make a sweet flammable box out of a few dozen matches. It's the coolest looking fire starter ever.
posted bymsolekonOct 23, 2007
The Best Way to Start BBQ Coals
If you have trouble starting coals for a BBQ, just grab a hair dryer, point it at the grill, and pull the trigger. No lighter fluid needed.
posted bynoahwon Oct 23, 2007
Raygun - Steampunk Defense
When the air pirates are coming at you it's time to give pacifism a rest and get your weapons ready.
posted byaintMichaelonOct 19, 2007