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Steampunk Watch? Answered

I'm looking for advice and input into my (hopefuly) future project, a Steampunk style wristwatch. I'm wodering if anyone has any ideas for building a strap, be it made of leather or wire. Also, any opinions on how to "Steampunk" the watch face would be helpfull. I (sadly) lack the creativity needed to properly formulate an idea on how to make this and would very much apreciate it if a kind creator would offer their ideas. Thank you.


Thanks to the magic of Advanced Search (read with announcer style voice) I found some great Steampunk watches. Now all I need to to is hunt down lots of parts, creativity and some glue.

Watch 1.jpgWatch 2.jpgWatch 3.jpgWatch 4.jpgWatch 5.jpg

Have you tried looking at existing examples, in order to get a sense of appropriate style? "Steampunk watch" in either the Instructables search box or on Google (I'd suggest Google Images) will give you lots of hits. Most of them are going to be for pocket watches (since that's more authentically Victorian), but you could start with those.

Thanks for that tip. After I posted this, I thought of taking the watch face apart, then wraping it in thick copper wire or piping. I have searched for Steampunk watches in the search boxes but the pocket watch styles aren't quite what I'm looking for. Maybe I just need to look harder. TO THE SEARCH ENGINES!!

Congratulations! It's not often that someone actually deserves getting their own Best Answer, but this is clearly one of those times. Good question, good search skills, and great results to build on!