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Steampunk nixie tube gauntlet watch? Answered

     I am..... not very good with electronics. ill admit it. but i still love that feeling when you do something and finish and it feels perfect. and i really need some help. i have been looking everywhere in my town and nobody has any nixie tubes (probably because they are so old), and they are really expensive on places like ebay. i also have no clue how to work the pins, and how i could get such a high voltage. and make it all into a watch. and to make it small. and to keep it under 30 dollars. what a mouthful.

     So could you all just list where you get your tubes, how you wire and program them, and how you even make a portable and practicle power source? i have been looking into the disposable camera power source, but that is already kinda big. when done i will have a leather/metal gauntlet to wear on my arm. it can take up about half of my forearm. can this even be done? i dont have an arduino, but i have a basic stamp, but its not good at keeping time, so thats out. please list your help and ideas below. and your knowledge is greatly wanted!!!


To be honest, ebay is probably your best bet for nixie tubes.

However, I believe they have quite a large power demand, too much for batteries you could wear on your arm.

For a steam-punk costume, surely you'd want rotating dials, or flip-over numbers?

Still, if you want the nixie look, maybe use a red LED seven-segment display? Far less power required, so much easier to make into a costume, and you could fit them inside a small glass bottle, or behind a plastic bubble to make it look like a nixie tube.

but the seven segment display is too... boxy. i have been thinking about making a fake nixie tube out of el wire..

and i like the modern steam punk feel, like 70's steam punk.

just put "nixie tube" in the search box above. There have been projects such as nixie tube clocks, etc. Read up on what you need to do with them and you will probably be able to glean the resources or PM(private message) the authors of those instructables to ask a question.