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Steering wheel desk Answered

From the MAKE blog, comes a pass-through of a product available on Amazon. The steering-wheel latch-on table itself is fairly pedestrian (pun intended), but the legalese is just delightful. Read it for yourself at http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/09/re-make_simple_elegant_handy_steeri.html .

And before you comment, please keep in mind those orbital lasers. I have access to the launch codes, and have no qualms about using them.


"sigh' i can gust seeing someone trying to drive and use this other then that its very cool

How did you find his address? Tracing his IP?

What happened? I didn't experience a brownout because of the major power usage of it. (Which I was expecting) Lol

WE ALL HAVE DIRTY ELECTRICITY!!!! *Runs away haplessly*

At first sight i thought that this was a chair with a fake steering wheel for the backrest XD

There's never a bad time to practice driving, I guess.


8 years ago

(plays GTA on laptop)
(closes laptop)
(drives off)
"Oh wait, running over pedestrians is bad in the real world... and we drive on the left in this country..."

:-D :-D :-D I think this must be the best comment yet!

(watches out for orbital lasers for Questioning The Wisdom of the Steering Wheel Desk)

Oh, no. Question it not, you did. Revealed joy!

This is great! Kids will now be able take their written and driving exams at the same time! I'm know DMV examiners will appreciate this the most.

I love how people just sit at home and get mad at things on the internet. "This is so stupid! I am so mad at everything! I have no friends!" :P I, for one, think that is very useful. You could eat your lunch easily in the car and away from talky coworkers, for example!


8 years ago

The comments on the amazon.com link are pretty awesome. Just thought I would let everyone know.