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Steganography message in this gif image? Answered

I'm working on a puzzle and there is a hidden message in this .gif.  I tried using a program called "Hide in Picture" to decode it but I haven't had any luck.  The password is Pluto.  Can anybody give me a hand?

Here's the .gif:



I Hid the reply, stegarasaurusly. Or something

lol steve. thanks for the laugh.

fwiw, steganography is terrible for your eyes.  You have to purposely defocus well beyond the natural range, causing strain in the eye musculature. While a young eye may not *notice it, the damage is still being done and repeated use will likely cause premature need for reading glasses..

Sean D. if you go about unfocusing your eyes whilst doing stegano, your doing it wrong. You should checkout the pixel values, find patterns, extra bits that normaly shouldn't be there. You can't go head first staring. And doing it properly will save the eyes, old and young.

Meh. It's not a willy nilly thing. In order to view the hidden images, you have to alter the normal orientation of your eyes to one that is unhealthy, which in turn strains the fine control eye muscles. For the young, that strain will be relatively noticeable. For those of adult age, especially for those who are approaching middle age, I'd recommend avoiding getting sucked into the game when it comes back into fad.

I don't think it would be fair for us to help one player and not others. But we can recommend some readings:


Or the intro to steganography  Instructable under "related" at right.