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Sticker business cards Answered

Check out these sweet business cards + stickers that our new intern bofthem made for me. I've been handing them out like candy at the various conferences I've attended in the past week. Everyone loves getting stickers!


Awesome, what a great idea. But you blurred your phone number, what if we need to call you?!? :-P

thats what i was going to say. i could imagine the number of calls eric would get if he had forgotten to blur it.

Looks like there's a phone number in the media kit that begins with those digits.... Without saying who it is right here - It's not your number, but it's not a shop line either :)

Well, Whitepages.com gives me a landline and an address for an Eric J Wilhelm who works at Instructables. A little more searching says that that address is squid labs, is that right?

Ah. That's the old shop number. Even when we were there, I had the ringer turned off and an answering machine set to pick up immediately.

Darn! Oh well... Do you guys have a land line at the head quarters? (just curious)


10 years ago

Ok, I give up. How do you MAKE cards where only part of the card is a sticker? When the kids were little, I was going to print stickers with their photos on them to stick on their xmas presents under the tree, so they could tell whose was whose in the pre-reading stages. But I didn't have a very good color printer in those days, and they looked crappy in B&W;, and that stage didn't last so long, anyway.

. Looks to me like the whole card is sticky-peeloff stuff, with the sticker being diecut.

Ah, it looked like only the robot was sticker. (All things considered, I'd bet on laser-cut rather than die cut... :-)

There's a cool large format printer at squid labs -- which has a drag point cutter ;) As I'm told, the only tricky part to that operation is getting the cutter pressure setting right so you cut through the sticker bit entirely, and not through the whole thing and into the printer bed o.0 The laser would leave a burnt edge and be a real pain in the butt aligning + a huge amount of time if you make anything more than a few :/

. As with resistor tolerances, I guess I'm behind the times. :)

The whole card is a sticker, but only the robot is intended to be peeled off.


10 years ago

Gives me an idea....

A great idea, an advert that really "sticks around" . In case the card got lost...

Those are pretty sweet. Those should be a prize in one of the contests.

I can see it now: Spend $1000 in the best way possible -- and win a buisiness card!

Is that a raised edge on the silouette? Or am I just crazy :P Also, were they laminated or something to prevent stickage? How much do they cost in comparison to normal cards, and the stickers themselves?

The robot peels off. Is that what you're looking at?

No, the orange outline, is it raised? Or is it just really good shadowing? :P

So folks, the moral of the story here, be nice to your interns! They might just make you cutesy business card sticker thingy :D

I'd like money, please. Or pies... or whoopie pies... or just money... lots of money...

I like it- now all I need is a business (or any source of income for that matter) Very nice

Could I ask... Feel free to delete this.. Just checking the card out and the silouette around the Instructable robot, looks suspiciously like it was originally designed to have your picture on it.. LOL! If that's the case, that's so good... ROFL.. If not, Just thought it was a weird co-incidence that it was almost exactly the same shape.. Cheers..

I hadn't noticed that. Perhaps bofthem was planning on playing an elaborate trick on me - slipping a few cards in the stack with my real picture as the sticker...

So, that's what interns are for: making new toys for The Management.