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Still computer problems: Not Windows 7? Not the motherboard? Not the HDD? Not the power supply?? Answered

Been having problem after problem with my 2 yr old computer: 2 months ago XP started misbehaving. Did install W 7. Many problems with compatibility, within 3 weeks installation corrupt. Reinstalled XP, which worked for 2 days. Ordered new ASROCK motherboard. One of the HDDs seemed to be fried. Put another (laptop) 2 yr old, almost brand new SATA2 HDD in, installed Windows 7 yesterday. It died just now . 

What could be going on: Is the power supply killing my computer, is it coincidence or could it be something else??

This adventure is becoming very frustrating and expensive, and I've lost quite some data!



7 years ago

It turned out to be the PSU, which destroyed lots of components. After replacing, the PSU and the components, it works great on W7!

 well if this ASrock mobo is a powerhorse the psu might not be to handle with the rest of the system peripheals so do what lemonie said and strip that neast down to the bare bone stuff that will eliminate some parts.

We need very-specifics.
What exactly, specifically is wrong. You know what you're dealing with and you can describe it, the question so far is too vague.


Basically, a painful form of troubleshooting. What is going on when installations go corrupt, incompatibility problems arise, components are dying. What did I do last? What has changed?
 That made me think it was Windows 7, then thinking about loose cables, then not enough cooling. After asking here ('Is Windows 7 really that bad??'), the most likely candidate seemed to be the motherboard. I replaced it this week, but there seemed not enough space left on the drives (after all these attempts of re-installing Windows gone awry?). So I had this small spare drive with Vista on it from my ca. 4 yr old laptop (which then I had replaced with an identical one for XP) It seemed to work all right, but the drive died the next day (motor does not run anymore, also not on another power supply) I don't dare to turn it on anymore, if my data drive dies I have no more backup, and I will loose years of work....
After appplying any good suggestions, I will have to buy another SATA2 drive and do a clean install. After running this for a while, I'll hook up the data drive, first as a USB drive.

It sounds a bit like "murder in the dark" where you run around a blackened room swinging an axe....

Incompatibility problems are generally software, if you swap the mainboard it'll need some new drivers. And if it's Windows 7 Microsoft might be picky about what drivers you try loading.
If there are safety-temperature systems activated the machine will shut down (off the mainboard-BIOS, straight power-off) If there aren't the thing will "hang" or "die" becoming non-functional.
Components dying is either "they're very old" or your PSU is being violent to them, or you've done something stupid (but with standardised connectors I doubt that is at all possible for yourself.)
You need a good clean one, the "buy a SATA" seems like a good idea.

Strip your machine to it's very basics, the bits it needs to function, then add each other bit (drives, software etc.) in stages, you can always back-track to a "safe" configuration.