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Stop bad grammar! Answered

I've been noticing around our community, there are people typing liek ths. WTF is up with that? Nobody understands it, and nobody talks like that in the real world! I mean, really! Nobody would walk up to a friend and say "Dat vid on youtube wus lol rigt?". See how idiotic that sounds?! Now i hope you learn from this, and go type normally.


Is your name Danial?

Stop bad grammar is an incomplete sentence, spelling that way is spelling not grammar, WTF is bad grammar and swearing is considered bad grammar by many people. And people talk like that, people use ain't and other incorrect grammar all the time. See how idiotic that sounds is not a complete sentence. You did not capitalize the I in "Now i hope you learn from this"

Being a grammar nazi benefits no one.

"Stop bad grammar!" is not an incomplete sentence. It's an imperative sentence, for which an explicit subject is not required, it is implicit. Swearing is not bad grammar; it may be profane or obscene, but can be perfectly grammatical. "See how idiotic that sounds?" is a complete sentence. The subject, "Do you," is trivially implied by the sentence's status as a question, which suggests the existence of the person being questioned.

If you're going to be a grammar nazi, and especially if you are going to try to call someone to task for their grammar, you'd better know what you're talking about, or you just sound ignorant and presumptuous.

I'm actually trying to stop people from being a grammar nazi.

Then you should do so in a manner which properly matches the number of your subject and object.

Of course! I get annoyed from that too!

eye allwaes yousez korecct grmmr, & eye nvr evr spll ehnnyting wrng evr.

 Yea, sorry :) Haha it 'twas fun to type though!

(This isn't from me)
how many girlfriends are you going to have. thiss is getting crazzyy. loll (: dont worrryyy its chilll. yurr still my friend. haha

Guess what, it was from Facebook. Big shock. I know.

I agree with you. This will become a habit when you're older and you will accidentally write professional documents such as essays and emails/letters to your boss using this and the reader will be unimpressed. Plus, it's just annoying! 

You know what pisses me off just as much as someone with bad grammar?  Grammar police, and more so at those who make errors that they preach against.

I am FOR good grammar, and AGAINST grammar police.

Much as I agree with your sentiment, I cannot help but notice that your post contains one spelling mistake, four grammatical errors and a large instance of unintentional irony.

In addition, I am afraid that I have noticed that young people do talk like that, under the impression that it is (a) cool and (b) not how adults talk.

oooooorrrrrrrr they dnt care bout typing the ful word and wanna get on wit ther lives

bt i lik tak in lik thiz

People talking like that is not bad grammar, it is just them speaking like fools.

Bad grammar, and spelling on the other hand often relates to how well a person understands english, not many people would intentionally use bad grammar, most the time they just do not understand it fully.


8 years ago

Wow. Just wow. Seriously, grammer? Wow.
Also, "See how idiotic that sounds!" should really be "See how idiotic that sounds?!". It's a question, after all.

On another note, why's this in "random fun"? Is this fun?

You do see the irony right?  Spelling grammar wrong....