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Stop neighbours dog barking - How? Answered

Can someone give me instructions how to build a device for stopping dogs from barking. The sort that has sensors that detect barking and give of an annoying to dogs, innaudible to humans noise, so that the dog will learn that barking triggers an unpleasant sound and hopefully stop. Our neighbours dog is driving us nuts and we dont want to have to complain about them.


ryanmad....I read about your invention called U-CONTROL-IT and have had a hard time finding your creation. Are you still selling it? If you are could you please let me know where I can purchase this, or where it is on Ebay.

I have some barking dogs that I would love to silence (smile)

ryanmad....I read about your invention called U-CONTROL-IT and have had a hard time finding your creation. Are you still selling it? If you are could you please let me know where I can purchase this, or where it is on Ebay.

I have some barking dogs that I would love to silence (smile)

excessive barking problem is a big problem for our neighbors. I can also recommend an article about solving barking problem of our dogs. This article says that there are 3 important reason of excessive barking problem. And this give you the solution of these 3 reason.You can read article here "Why Do Dogs Bark? How Can We Solve Dog Barking Problem" 

Of course, the only way to solve this problem is to ask the neighbors to train their dog, which they will brefly consider before deciding you are just a nosey neighbor and slamming the door in your face. Believe me, I had a barking dog next to my house for SIX years. Even though we lived there for so long, it never stopped it's barking. People that don't train their dogs at an early age to not bark will not be able to stop the dog later on. I suggest politely making the neighbor cookies and talking to them about their dog. The ultrasonic coise will cause the dog to bark even more.

I agree completely about trying to talk to people who don't care about their neighbors. I have 3 acres and have 13 dogs adjacent to my property. Many times dogs are left out all day and day and, worse yet, left out while the rude neighbors aren't even home. UGH!!!! SOOOO frustrating and unfair. It is a bad idea to talk to them about it - they will be embarrassed or angry and think you are crazy. I have tried every dog bark controller on the market (not kidding!) short of strapping zapper collars to the offending animals. I have gotten so fed up that I have finally built my own sonic blaster that is powerful and works from a distance - I added a remote so I can use it from inside my house. It is bulletproof and waterproof and it works. I am not a company, just a frustrated home owner, but it is so good I am selling them on EBay under the cute name of U-Control-It because it finally puts you in control of the problem and lets you do something about it rather than beat your head against the wall.

Hi Ryanmad

I have tried to look for your anti bark system on e-bay. are you still selling them?

Nice idea, however what happens if the neighbors are unsociable with everyone on the block and allow the dog(s) to bark at night anyways, despite 3 attempts asking them politely, to take the dog(s) in at night?

They'll comply only the night of request and then go right back to letting that noisy dog out late and leaving it barking under our bedroom windows?

I don't know, if those so called dog barking silencers really work? Some cost up to $89.00 each and the reviews are 50/50.. Can't really afford those devices etc..

 What now to do??


6 years ago

I had some fun with a Barking Dog CD that I purchased from www.soundtherapyworld.com. Its a very loud cd of a annoying barking dog and made me feel better to play this for my neighbors through a very large pair of speakers at 4 AM. For some reason I haven't heard their dog since!

Very Interesting, I like this idea... :)

I had a good laugh reading your comment!!

Very good idea, actually smart.

Currently, my neighbours' dog is barking like a mad devil and its so annoying.

I think I will give your a idea a go!

Thanks :)

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. If the dog lives inside, you have a decent chance of getting frollard's suggestions to work.
. If the dog lives outside, there's probably not much the neighbor can do. Unsocialized, untrained dogs that are kept cooped up just bark a lot.
. If the dog lives outside there's probably not much the neighbor will do. If (s)he doesn't care about the animal any more than that (dogs are social creatures), he's probably not going to care about you at all. In my experience, you'll end up having to report it to the authorities. You have the right to a modicum of peace and quiet - if your neighbor doesn't understand that, it's his/her problem. Report it to the authorities if (s)he will not respect your rights.
. I have two dogs, but they are brought back into the house (I frequently leave the back door open so they can come and go as they please) if they start barking at night. My neighbors bring me a home-cooked meal every few weeks and I want to keep them happy. :)

+if you like dogs, off to walk it. Well exercise dogs do not bark as much. Or send your kid offer his services for cheap...

+I like Frollard passive / Agressive ways in that case. Personally, I am just agressive. My neighbor's two large spaniels teamed up against my Pug one day while my visiting dad was walking it. My dag kicked the dogs to protect my pup. They came home apologizing (and hoping we would do so to kick their dogs). I told them my dog and father were ok, but the next time their dogs were outside the limit of their property it without a leash, I would bring the dogs myself to animal control. It worked. They got tethers.

+Depending of where you live weather wise, and what breed is the dog, if as NachoMahma says the dog is kept outside, all you got to do is notify PETA or a ASPCA. They will put the presure on the authorities to legally remove the dog...

I have been having a problem with my neighbors lately and it seems like they are letting their dogs bark on purpose. I thought that there was nothing that I could do since they were not my dogs but apparently I was wrong. There were a few products that I tried but none seemed to work until I bought The Barking Dog CD. It really works and it is so easy to use. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. You can check it out for yourself at http://www.antibarkingdevice.com if you want to try it. For under $20 it is a STEAL!!!!!!!

I just bought the MP3 for my neighbors dog. Tested it on my dog...
He laid on the floor for 30 seconds until I put the speakers 1 foot from each ear. He sat up for a second, sniffed the speaker then walked about 5 feet to his other favorite spot in the room where he lay while the volume was up to 10...
$17 I wont get back.

For me the commercial bark sensor/ultrasonic dog thing didn't work either. Then I got some Piezo tweeters connected them to a old stereo amp and used a MP3 sound file of a high frequency tone. This made the barking dog run into it's garage. I turn it on only long enough to send him running which is only about a second. I think this is probably many times louder than the automatic thing you can buy that has poor results.

I got the stereo amp at Goodwill for $10.00. The I connected 4 speaker in parallel to both the Right and Left speaker connections. The speakers were only $2.50 each on Amazon.com. I mounted them on sticks just over the edge of the fence and wrapped them in thin plastic for rain protection and so no one knows what they are. The MP3 sound file I made from the free ware program Audacity which is a audio file editor which can output in MP3 format. It has a function that you can insert a tone. You can make any tone or condemnations of tones you want (Alternating or pulsing...). I made several files to see which worked best. I'm now using a 17KHz square wave. I read that the physics of Peizo responses better to the square wave.

This dog is about 30 to 40 feet from the speakers and keep in mind distance matters.

I also found that if the speaker wire is to long an oscillation sets up between the speaker and the amp and a harmonic sound is produced that you and anyone (your neighbor) can hear. If the wires are not to long it i perfectly quiet.

Keep in mind that even though you can't hear it, it can hurt your ears and damage you hearing if exposed to it for to long. Don't use it if children will be exposed, their ears are particularly sensitive. If you don't heed this warning you will get the feeling like you have been to a rock concert, both a pain in the ears and that typical ringing that becomes very apparent when you lay down to sleep.

 If the dogs are always barking near one spot, such as a fence, you could install a sprinkler there. If you have the electronics skills, you could make it sound or motion activated.

Such a device could be built - but its the wrong way to go about it. There are a few life lessons in this question: 1. Ascertiveness - you can get most anything in this life by convincing other people to do as you wish, without telling them they're wrong. Turn it on yourself - never start a sentence with 'you' or 'your' - "My quality of life is really suffering because of your puppy's singing. I need you to deal with the dog's problem, or it's going to cause problems with our neighborly relationship" If you're uncomfortable with talking to them, write a letter - again, never accuse - start with a reason with why you feel the way you do. If they do not respond actively to your request for action - call the local bylaw office (not 911) and make a formal complaint about the noise. It IS the law - they have to deal with it. You're not tattling, but you are taking an interest in your own peace and quiet. 2. Dogs will respond to that ultrasonic noise with more barking