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Stop with the incomplete knex contests... Answered

Ok. So this is something that has been bugging me for AGGEESSS now.

All of these Knex contests, hosted by people who clearly no nothing about knex. (Sorry for being a bit harsh) And also, with a massive lack of presentation, pictures, and/or prizes.

I mean, in about the last week, I've seen at least 10 knex competitions and challenges.

Well sure, maybe the odd knex competition or whatever, but not loads of comptetitions that are stupid. Sorry to the guy who did this, but I mean, someone made a ball machine contest, no presentation, picture or prize, with 3 random categories. I mean, theres nothing new, nothing challenging, so whats the point?

Maybe you thought this whole topic was harsh and mean, but see the other side of it.



OK, Mr Expert - you run a K'NEX contest and show us how it should be done.

Put your patches where your mouth is.

That one was the one that I cancelled about a day into it.

The users' forum topic scanner is somewhat buggy (about half the time the Next button takes me back to zero :-( ), so I wasn't able to successfully step through all of your topics. 

If you can get to all of them, why not post a list in response to Kiteman or/and Michel?

Mine is not working either. But I can remember that one of them, it was a challenge called: POWER TOOLS.

This is the contest that led to Shadowman39 making his miter saw, also, the forum topic got over 300 comments and 15 entries..

Ill try find the rest as soon as possible.

I've done many succesful Knex Competitions before, I've now passed them over to DJ Radio.

Look at my forum history.

Can I ask you something about that?  Is it allright if I post a video contest?

Uhmm.... send me a PM of what you had in mind...

Re-word this as:
If you're going to do this - follow it through, announce winners and give your prizes / accolades.
If you get bugger-all interest, delete it.


.  Since you don't seem to want to change the title to something a little more descriptive: Flagged as Incomplete.

Ooohh... sorry. I forgot about that.

I will change it, but can I just ask why would it be imcomplete if I didn't change it?

And don't always assume that I don't want to change the title.

We made that assumption because several people made the same request, explained why, and you (apparently) ignored it while continuing to post comments in various threads.

It was "incomplete" precisely because it sounded and looked like a request to staff to stop running I'bles contests of any kind.  As we explained before.

Thank you very much for changing the title to something more clear!  And by the way, I do agree with your sentiment on the subject.

It was a joke on how you're ripping on incomplete knex contests when you had an incomplete title.

.  I only have three choices when flagging: Inappropriate, Incomplete, and Spam. That just seemed to be the best fit.
.  I didn't assume anything. I went by the evidence at hand. At 9:19 AM, MichelMoermans suggested the change. At 10:14 AM, kelseymh made the same suggestion and provided the rationale behind the request. Up until the time of my first post in this topic, you had made four comments without taking the time to change the title.

I said sorry up in the description.

But dude, take into account what I said, add a picture, make the layout nicer, and maybe add a prize, such as A sub from you.

Please do edit the topic title.  Remember that topics show up in the global list of all topics in all fora, so your topical restriction is not at all obvious.

Well the logical response is, why don't you make an awesome one? :)

Also could you change the title to "stop with the knex contests?" I thought you didn't want to get contests anymore until I saw the "knex" subcatogory. :)