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Storage Space for Parts Answered

I'm sure me and Skunkbait aren't the only ones who have kept car or motorcycle parts in odd places.

I hear my dad kept a motocycle in his living room for years, because the place didn't have a secure garage. For a little while, if you wanted to sit while watching TV, you had to sit on the bike or the floor, because there was no other furniture. Plus, it's just priceless to be able to ride out your front door.

I know some folks who keep spare electical bits like turn signals and partial wiring harnesses laying around the house. Hanging on doorknobs. Apparently, bachelors, those aren't just for hanging underwear anymore.

There have been a few times that the chainsaw and lawnmower had to live in the house so a visiting motorcycle could live in our shed.

Generally, whenever I get a new part or tool home, it has to spend some time just sitting around while I try to figure out what the best way is to use it. Or just figure out why it looked like a good idea to buy another timing light.

I've been known to hang particularly sexy motorcycle parts on the wall. I spent a lot of time trying to get a 10-120 speedometer from a Volvo to work as a clock one time. That didn't work, but it did make a good paperweight.

Where have you kept parts, and why?


my desk is pretty clean, but my basement lab is a nightmare. i have a computer on the floor with its guts spilling out, parts everywhere, my shelves are covered in stuff thrown there...... i wonder where my mac cpu is? i think its near that isa ethernet card under my good yamaha sound card on the second shelf to the left of the dremel bits box. or maybe its under the open mac psu on the lower shelf, behind the 560watt psu?

Sheds are wonderful places to keep stuff, but my PC desk is currently home to the parts of my next two Instructables, and small parts tend to sit along my bookshelves, on that little bit in front of the books.

I need to develop a small parts drawer. It's bad when you have a handful of nuts, springs, O-rings, and rifle parts beside a transmission, beside a weed-eater (whacker) engine, on top of a recordplayer, surrounded by cycle and outboard parts. Where's that #3 circlip?? I had it right next to the watch battery...

I'll try to add a picture of my "Cool Bus" . I bought it to make a camper, but now I have to wade through parts! I have at least 2 cars that are full of spare parts. My barn, shop, shed, my wife's art studio, livingroom.... I think Mrs. Skunkbait should recieve some sort of award for staying with me.

My desk is littered in parts from everything, I can see spark plugs, jet experiments, computer parts, the spongey bit from a carburettor (No clue why or where the rest of it is) Umm the carport is littered with bicycles and if you look around it you find pieces from everything... There's a V from a big old volvo truck on my cabinet, gauges from god knows what and a cast iron sign for a cycle path, weighing in at around 10KG