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Storm Trooper From Trash Cans Answered

There was a set of videos in YouTube that showed how to make an awesome storm trooper out of trash cans... Unfortunatly I don't have access to YouTube at work or at the local library... and have a convention I want to wear it to this friday... If someone would watch through it and post an instructable that would be great... or at least post the item list here and I can figure it out from there... I just really want to have it done by this weekend. Also, TO COME -> GONK COSTUME (I made this one myself, and it turned out great)

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teamcoltra (author)2008-07-28

Sorry let me try again, I am REALLY interested in the backpack... but I kinda need to see the basic layout of how he made the arms and everything else. I can't see the video even here. Even if someone could just provide some screen shots of the basics of what he is doing, I remember that I need a trashcan with a sliding lid... thats about it... Even a parts list could get me started ( i know aobut that chest plate from the dollar store too)

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Kiteman (author)2008-07-28
Is this it? It's in four parts, but he uses trash cans for the torso.

You should be able to watch the videos here, even though you're filtered at work (I have the same problem).

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