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Strandbeest from BBQ skewers, what to use for bearings Answered

I want to make a mini Strandbeest out of BBQ skewers, but I don't know what I could use for all of the little bearing points. Anyone have any suggestions? Something small simple and cheap.

Any ideas appreciated!

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scraptopower (author)2010-09-07
Thanks for the ideas. I think I've found what I'll use, spade electrical connectors. They already have a hole and I can thread a piece of copper through them. They fit on the skewers with some slight modification of the skewers. It's glued together with hot melt glue. I made a prototype leg, it's not perfect but it should work with some tweaking and it's easy to build. I want it to walk using the wind only, so it has to be low friction. Have I got the movement right ? I'm not sure, it seems a little wrong, but it could be that there is only one leg.

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Kiteman (author)2010-07-10
I missed this topic the first time around.

I would use either:
  • short lengths of drinking straw,taped to one skewer as the other rotates within.
  • short strips of a flexible material.  Maybe pieces of zip tie, each end taped to the end of a skewer.
I made a test-of-concept single strandbeest leg out of paper a year or two ago - the lengths between joints were triangular cross-section tubes, and the joints were just pieces of paper.

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scraptopower (author)2010-06-09

BTW, I am talking about wood/bamboo skewers not metal.

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dombeef (author)scraptopower2010-07-10

Well you could use tape as a joint

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